Sunday, July 27, 2008


Getting ready to take stage!

This past week, Kennedy experienced Vacation Bible School! Growing up, VBS was always something I looked forward too; my dad and Kathy sent us every summer and it was truly a great part of my childhood. Kennedy went Monday through Friday for 3 1/2 hours each day. Each morning that I dropped her off, I felt like my little Kennedy was growing up before my eyes. She came home with beautiful crafts and always greeted me with hugs and kisses. Throughout the week, they worked on several songs and tonight the church put on a recital for all the parents. She was so thrilled to have her biggest fans there cheering and encouraging her on! Jared and I were a little apprehensive about how she would perform on stage but she did great! She had rhythm and style - I guess all those silly dances and songs we do together paid off! As I looked at her on stage, I was overwhelmed with so many emotions. She has turned into this spunky spirited child that my heart continues to melts at. Many parents consider this stage (2's and 3's) challenging and trying; although we definitely have those days, these are the moments that being a parent is worth every battle!

Friday, July 25, 2008

My Little Obsessions...

We all have them...those little things in our lives that drive, motivate, and inspire us. I'm a sucker for Publix Moosetrack Frozen Yogurt (I always highlight the yogurt part so I don't feel so guilty!) I love being out and about, enjoying each day to its fullest. I also love love love being side by side next to my hubby - I still get the butterflies when he's on his way home! Lately, as my husband can vouch for, I've been enjoying (some may say obsessing - I'll stick with enjoying) working on new projects around the house. Redecorating, painting, and anything that sparks my creative side. Jared is usually the one that gets bombarded with all my wild ideas! Anyway, one of my small obsessions is West Elm. I feel like whenever I go in there, I get completely and utterly inspired - enough to write a blog post about them! I always seem to find amazing deals there and maybe that's why I love them so much. Here are a couple items I found today for 1.99 - yes a dollar and ninety nine cents! Both items well over 75% off! Thought I would share my two mega deals!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Thank you Jesus for our food.....

This past week, we've been noticing that Landon will fold his hands before we eat and act like he's praying. At first I thought it was a simple gesture that he learned from watching us. However, to my surpise he is now praying out loud in his own lingo. He literally will pray before each bite you give him! !! Kennedy and I were cracking up today - as I would put a piece down on his tray he would fold his hands and start praying. For some reason, it just makes me laugh! I caught a little of our amusement on video!

Update on Luke

Thank you to all for keeping little Luke in your prayers and thoughts. He is still at the hospital but Meghan and Ben were given new hope this week. Luke's tumor has a favorable histology which basically means the cure rate is much higher than an unfavorable type. He will undergo chemotherapy for six weeks with the hopes of shrinking the tumor in order to surgically remove it. We were able to spend some time with them on Saturday and Luke had his moments where he forgot about the circumstances on hand - he put puzzles together and even counted for us. As Meghan puts it, "it's the little things that they rejoice in!" This will be a long process for both Luke and the family - please continue to keep them in your prayers and thoughts! We know our God has His hand in this situation! Below is a message from Kennedy to Luke. She woke up from her nap on Friday with Luke on her mind. I quickly caught her message to him!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our Friend Luke

As I write this, I'm overcome with emotions and the tears are so hard to hold back. I hope this is not overstepping my boundaries; however, I know this blog reaches our friends and family and I need everyone who reads this to pray for our friend Luke. Luke is the son of our good friends Meghan and Ben and she called tonight with some heartbreaking news. Meghan felt a mass in Luke's stomach today. She immediately went to Wolfsons Children's Hospital and her concern has now become a reality. Luke has a tumor in his stomach which is cancerous. I don't know any other details but I ask that you join me in prayer for this precious two year old boy. He is full of life and has a smile that can cheer any soul! We love you Luke! Also, please pray that Meghan and Ben have the strength to get through this time - they are wonderful parents and I know this is a tremendously difficult time.

St Augustine fun!

Auntie Evvie and Kennedy
Uncle Joe amusing our Landon
What drink shall I have.....chocolate milk or apple juice?
We toured St. Augustine in a trolley - it was beautiful!
All comfy cozy (that's Kennedy's lingo for comfortable)

These pictures are from our visit with Auntie Evvie and Uncle Joe in St. Augustine. We love going to this area in Florida - it's the oldest city in the U.S and it has so much history and beauty. Thanks Evonne for sending these pics my way! Love you!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Beyond Chalk....

It turns out that Kennedy loves painting! We knew all along that she enjoyed your typical coloring, drawing, and chalk; however, we never knew that a day of using up mom's canvases would turn into something that she truly loves doing. Here are a couple of her recent paintings - it's an amazing thing when you can find the beauty in a child's work!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fun at the Anderson's

We've been blessed with some great friends here in Jax and the Anderson's have been so great to get to know over the past few years (it's hard to believe we've been here that long)! Jax weather is mighty hot these days so we went over to Meghan's and enjoyed some time in their new kiddie pool. It's always nice to have adult company while the kids play - it makes us moms feel more normal (if that makes sense). Thanks for the fun day Meghan - Luke and Drew are such cuties!

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Weekend

The whole gang!
Soaking up some sun (a course with a little SPF)

Auntie Evie and Kennedy
Landon crawling between mom's feet!
We love our pool!
Daddy acting super silly!
Up, Up and away!

Kennedy lovin' on her brother!

Say cheese!
Feeding the fish with Auntie Evvie
Hanging with Uncle Joe

This past weekend was loads of fun! Papa Raftery made it back into town on Thursday and Auntie Evvie and Uncle Joe arrived Friday. We had our very own fireworks display that Papa Raftery so graciously supplied. We decided to enjoy eachothers company and fore go the holiday festivities outside the Raftery household - it turned out to be great! Landon didn't make it past 7:30 but our little Kennedy could barely finish dinner because she was so excited to see the fireworks. We had a fabulous weekend surrounded by people we love!