Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Miss K's Second Grade Day

It's hard to believe that our summer has passed and I'm sharing yet another school year beginning. It seems like yesterday that I was pouring my eyes out as K started her kindergarten year and yet the same  emotional mama showed her face again as her first grade rolled in. Well, it happened again...although this time it wasn't until I got home and realized that my spunky girl was off to second grade! 

On the night before school, her teacher sent home a magical pouch of "jitter glitter". It's said to put you fast asleep and help you wake up fresh and ready for your first day of school...it worked like a charm! 

We snapped a few pics...

of her cheesy smile and beautiful dress (thanks nana!) 

and her innocent gaze that keeps my heart at ease

Here's to a wonderful sEcOnD grade year with a teacher that you already are smitten over! I love you sweet girl and thank you for the most awesome summer! I pray that you continue to spread your wings and reach for all of your amazing dreams! 

These guys made the mommy tears drift away after a stroll in the park. So thankful for these opportunities! 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

2 is the Magic Number

It feels like yesterday that we were welcoming Nolan into our family of four. He has completed us in such an awesome and beautiful way! Here's to 2 my sweet boy! 

TWO is the magic NUMBER! 

it's a time when personalities shine through

a time of sticky waffles and even stickier fingers

a time where it's cool to drink milk from a cup

and a time where the imagination unfolds

two is a time where being dirty is cute

and cleaning up isn't a chore

Two is just plain cool! 

love you sweet Nolan! 
thank you for making each day unique, surprising, and most of all FUN! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Today was a BIG or should I say monumental day! Miss K embarked on her very first solo plane ride! Just for clarification purposes, this means BY HERSELF!  Miss K's brave spirit overshadowed my moments of uncertainty. She had no hesitation, no fear, and no doubts...she was ready for her adventure into St. Louis to spend time with her Granny and Granpy.  

5:30 wake up call! 

7:30 arrival 

8:00 hugs, squeezes, smiles, and kisses (and the mind your manners drill:)

8:15 letting go time 

8:30 departure

This was a day that I will never forget nor will K. If I'm being honest, I wasn't sure if I was quite ready for this. Yet, I'm not sure if I would ever be truly ready! This summer marks the first time Kennedy will travel to see her grandparents alone and my hopes is that this is something we can continue to do with our children. The moments that will be shared are truly priceless! 

I love and miss you already Miss K. I'm SO proud of you...you are one brave little girl! Can't wait to meet up with you in STL next week! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cupcakes & Jewelry Make Every Girl Smile

Yes, it's true! Our sweet K is SEVEN years old! Every year that passes, I'm reminded of how quickly these days go! I welcome her independence yet cling to her innocence. She's a true beauty that deserved a SWEET birthday celebration filled with cupcakes and jewelry.  

Miss K...Miss K

where has time gone?

Your spunk and smile continue to fill my days! 

Your zeal...

your creativity... 

and your sweet spirit 

are the ways you bless me each and every day!

My hope is that you continue to see yourself the way that God sees you...full of passion and purpose.  

My wish is that you follow your dreams and let your light shine for ALL to see! 

I love you sweet girl. Happy 7th Birthday! 

*Auntie Nicole, Uncle Matt, and my sweet niece Leila joined us for K's birthday weekend! Can't wait to share:)More to follow...

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Today you are you...

that is truer than true.

There is no one alive...

who is Youer...

than YOU! 

Five years ago, you entered our lives. You have filled us with amazement Landon...your heart, your determination, and your strength have given our family a true gift! Thank you for giving me perspective my sweet boy. You continue to defeat the odds, bring hope to the hopeless, and shine your light for ALL to see. Happy Birthday to YOU! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012


At an early age, Miss K showed a pronounced interest in art. Our house has always been a place where paint and glue are welcomed and encouraged! She has used her gift in many ways and her time to shine came this past weekend. One of her pieces was chosen to be part of the Mount Vernon Art Show that featured artists from five local schools! 

Miss K - my heart leapt when I heard the news! Your clay pocket was more beautiful than I could have imagined! You are a special gift...filled with creativity, passion, and imagination. I adore the girl you've become and the girl you will continue to be. Thank you for sharing your special day with us! I'm so proud of you! 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Fighting Back with Fat"

This past weekend, we experienced our first walk for epilepsy. It was both emotional and inspirational - a day that I was humbled and grateful for where we've been and how far we've come! "Fighting Back with Fat" raised over $3,500 and we had 36 walkers on our team alone! 

Team "Fighting Back with Fat" 

The stars of our team: Noah and Landon

Each step reminded me of our journey. A journey that has come with it share of battles, heartache, and tears. However, it's come with an overwhelming sense of purpose. Our son has taught us how to embrace the small victories and cherish the smallest of moments.  He has brought us to a place of deep reliance on our Father, a place where faith and prayer have sustained us. 




 and silliness filled our day! 

we filled our tummies with a picnic lunch 

 and squeezed in some adventure on the National Mall carousal

A picture perfect day indeed! 

A BIG thank you to everyone that supported Landon and the thousands of people living with epilepsy. We are blessed to have such amazing family and friends. Thank you to our friend Erin for coordinating our team and giving us a chance to bring awareness to the diet that has changed our life! You have inspired me along this keto journey and I am grateful for all of your wisdom and encouragement!