Saturday, October 17, 2009

A month later...

It's hard to believe that a month has gone by with no blogging! 
I've missed the weekly reflection and have realized how much I truly enjoy writing about our lives. Unfortunately, life happens and my mind has been spinning with all the "to-do's" and the last thing I could fathom doing was to sit down and journal. 

Over the last month we've moved from Florida and have traveled quite a bit. My amazing hubby offered me a weekend away to join the Ya Ya's. The Ya Ya gathering started when my beautiful Aunt Kitty was diagnosed with breast cancer and has since turned into a semi-annual celebration of women filled with sisters, aunties, and friends. This was the first one I had the chance to attend and it was a blast! To spend the time with the all the women that mean so much to me was a wonderful experience. This year, my mom hosted the event at the Grinnell Mill Bed and Breakfast she runs. The weekend was filled with laughter, love, and most of all lasting memories!

This coming Monday, we will officially move into our new home in DC. The hundreds of feelings have taken over - from being ecstatic to apprehensive and curious to oh so name the feeling and I'm there. The kiddos are doing great and have adapted to all this change very well. They amaze me in every way and I can't imagine going through life without the full Raftery Quad!

Thank you to all who have helped in our transitional process. We have been blessed by the friends and family who have so graciously lent a hand of comfort, hospitality, and love.

As the next weeks go into full speed, I pray that my family is filled with patience, purpose, wisdom, and faith. We can't wait to see what this new chapter has in store for us! 

My sisters minus Nicole (we'll paste you in girly!!!)

Mr. Mom

You know when you have an extra extra special guy when he offers to take the kids for a long weekend just to give you time away. He brought them into St. Louis while I was having my Ya Ya weekend...he's a keeper!!! 

Here are some pics that Granny Smith sent to document their FUN weekend filled with pumpkins, smiles, corn fields, and love!

Thanks for being such a awesome hubby!!! 
Love you!