Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's been a LoooNG time since I've added a recipe to my cooking blog. So in lieu of my "letting go" mentality this week, I've discovered both a quick and scrumptious  sandwich that is nutritious and qualifies for the 10 and under ingredients. Enjoy!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Dear Diary

This week has been one of those weeks! 

We said goodbye to my sister Meaghan on Tuesday after a 3 month was hard to say the least. She has been my extra set of hands, mind, and spirit. We had an amazing time that I will cherish forever! I love you Meg!

With that being said, I've been playing catch up in every aspect of life. You know it's bad when your out of whole milk, skim milk, waffles, bananas, etc, etc, etc.  I've realized through this deployment that there's times where I just have to let go...let go of the pile of unopened mail, let go of pleasing everyone one, let go of cooking meals that entail 10 plus ingredients, and most of all letting go of perfection. I've always been the one that reads into everything. My life is always full of WHY'S! I went to write an email today to a certain someone that I felt has hurt me (I won't go into names but if your reading this it's not you!) As I sobbed over why this person is in my opinion intentionally hurting me, I just couldn't hit send. Whatever the reason, I couldn't do it. Learning to forgive without expecting anything in return is a HARD concept but it's what I needed to do in the moment!

SORRY, This is definitely a Dear Diary post! 

Which leads me to why I haven't felt the urge to blog this week. While we've had great moments with friends and family, my mind was to full of STUFF

Here's an eclectic mix of pics from this week. 

She melts my heart!

We went to an air show over the weekend and the kids loved exploring the helicopter

Dinner at Megs on Thursday was many memories we've shared over the past few years! Here's Landon and Drew showing off there tums!

Today was the Little Foxes monthly playdate. We explored an amazing (shaded) park in Switzerland, FL. Great fun and company! 

Love this pic of Drew Bug! He's a doll!

Bye Bye for now

"We cannot change the past, but we can change our attitude toward it. Uproot guilt and plant forgiveness. Tear out arrogance and seed humility. Exchange love for hate - thereby, making the present comfortable and the future promising." ~ Maya Angelou

Wednesday, April 15, 2009



Landon Does!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

LUKE - The Real life Superman

For with God nothing will be impossible ~ Luke 1:37

Today was the day that the Anderson's received the news they've been waiting for...Luke IS cancer FREE! Praise God for His favor, His healing, His love! 

We are so proud of you Luke! You are our real life Superman! 

We love you guys!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hopping Along...

Easter has always been a favorite time of year...filled with faith, love, and family. I realized this year would mark the third Easter without my number one man - it's HARD! I so desire including him in Kennedy and Landon's excitement...their wonder...their joy...their amazement. I have to press forward though. I need to look at our future and know that these past few years are only a piece of our family puzzle. Jared is missed. He is the one I LOVE...He is the one I can't wait to wrap my arms around.  Next Easter, daddy will be here - how awesome is that!

Friday was Easter egg decorating day
Dunkin Time

Oh what shall I  make thee...

A Phone Of Course!

Saturday was our cul-de-sac eager hunters were beyond excited!

Circle of Friends

Sunday morning my bright eyed beauty was READY...

and Mister Moo was well on his way

Easter Basket discoveries...

full of delight and sweet surprises.

In route to the Anderson's, sporting her new "oh so savvy" shades

Mr. Luke and Kennedy dying Easter eggs

Who can resist Drew Bug???


Our attempt at a family pic - hard to come by these days!

Great Friends!

This Easter was great! 
Thank you Megs and Ben for a wonderful dinner! 
Thank you Kennedy and Landon for brighting each and every day of my life!


 I know that you don't understand
the fullness of My love
How I died upon the cross for your sins
And I know that you don't realize
how much that I gave you
But I promise, I would do it all again.

Just to be with you, I've done everything
There's no price I did not pay
Just to be with you, I gave everything
Yes, I gave my life away


Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Little Leona Love

Ok so we like to listen to REALLY loud music sometimes! 

Miss K and Landon actually request a dance session at least once a day but ONLY and I mean ONLY when the music has a BEAT
Heres them in action (Landon is a little camera shy)! 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hippity Hop...Easter Is On Its Way!!!

This past week was the kiddos spring break. We had loads of fun and got a little crafty during our free time. 
The Hostess Blog is one of my favs! She has super cute ideas that even a "non-crafty" girl can do. These Easter pals (Hostess Blog inspired) were a hit with Miss K! She loved sticking our furry chicks in and deciding which color eggs to add. This Blog is a must see! For all you moms to be, one of her recent posts includes and an adorable OWL themed baby shower - oh so cute!!!
Miss K and Mommy's Easter Centerpiece

Tweet Tweet!!!

VP-5 had their annual Easter egg hunt this weekend - it was great fun!

I know this pic is WAY blurry; however, I couldn't resist my little girls excitement!

Look at all those boys and...

girls, dressed up in the Easter clothes!

HIPPITY HOP! Easter is on its Way!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My SIS Eryn

My sister Eryn came in this past week and we had a blast! She is full of life, spunk, and love! It was amazing watching her with the kiddos and how she is able to "adapt" to our crazy busy lifestyle! Thanks for a beautiful week sis and taking time to visit our home!

Canvas LOVE!!!


Beach LOVE!!!
Kennedy and Eryn built an awesome sand castle made out of shells (where was my camera on this one...OOPS!)

Landon loves running free these days...he's always on a mission (away from moms camera)

Thanks for a great week Auntie filled our hearts with your presence.