Thursday, November 12, 2009

As I explained in our last post, we have a TON of pics from the time we got into DC until now. It's been a busy few weeks with moving in, getting the kids settled, and most of all keeping peace and fun in the Raftery house. We've had our "moments" of stress but I have to say that I'm super proud of the way my family pulled it all together. It amazes me how children can become so adaptable given the right environment. Through it all my number one guy has put up with my Type A personality which is definitely commendable in itself! 

We left some amazing things in Jax...our church, friends, and first home; however, despite all of those things God has been here directing our path and giving us peace along the way! We are blessed to have the Andersons and Papa Raftery here in DC to share in the next couple of years ahead. Life is good!

Here's some pics highlighting our last few weeks!


These hands where made for dirt!!!

My two sweeties at the Pumpkin Patch

Head butt LOVE

Meet Minnie and her sidekick 


Exploring in our new city

The Capital

 Our Landon in front of the White House

In fields of green 

and gold!

This makes my heart melt!

At first glance, this may look like an "ordinary" cake; however, Chef Kennedy surprised me with my very own birthday cake this year!!! I came home after my hair appointment and to my surprise she literally told Jared what measurements she needed (1 cup of flour, 2 cups of sugar, and 1/2 cup of water) and wala a perfect cake just for her mommy!!! Love that girl!

To make the day even extra special, Jared took me out to Old Town Alexandria for dinner and surprised me with tickets to the National Symphony. Love that guy too!!! Last year of my 20' I come!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We're BACK!!!

Wow! That's all I can say right, wow, and a little more WOW! 

Seriously, what did we all do when there was no Internet?
It was not long ago that life happened without it and now we (or maybe I should say I) have found myself a bit stressed without it!

We have yet to get our Internet set up due to a bigger issue that I don't have enough space or time to write about; therefore, I find myself at Borders while the kids have 20 more minutes in school using there free WiFi. It feels pretty good I must say!

I have hundreds of pics to share from the time we got into DC until now but for our first blog (in seriously forever) I wanted to introduce our new house! We love it! The location, neighborhood, scenery, and interior truly fit our family! We have a little more work to do (hanging pics/decorating) but I feel like we are settled and that feels oh so amazing!

In no given order, the pics of our new home...

The Front

Powder Room (main level)

Family Room (basement)

Play Room (basement) The kids love having there own space!

Kitchen (main floor)

Foyer (main level)

Entrance view (main level)

Master Bedroom (3rd floor)
Our bathroom is not pictured but it has this oh so fabulous shower that I have come to adore (it's the little things!!!)

Kids Bedroom (3rd floor) They have a bathroom as well which has been extremely handy!

Another snap shot of Kennedy and Landon's room (and yes they are sharing a room! It's been a good transition so far and the nightly giggles are the best!)

Living Room (main level)

Front Porch Love!

I choose not to take pics of our loft which is on the 4th level. It is a great space where the office is still in progress. This will also serve as our guest bedroom where our family and friends can enjoy there own space! Yippee for space!