Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Midwest Swing Part 1

Every Christmas season, our family has a BIG decision to make on where to spend the holidays. We have 3 states to choose from and each are equally important to us. This year, we decided the Midwest swing was in order which consists of OHIO, ST. LOUIS, and CHICAGO. It may sound a bit mental; however, it's what felt right and so far I couldn't be more happy that this was the decision we made.
We are officially half way through our trip and the kiddos are having a blast. Maybe it's the 3 Christmases so far and 1 more on the way but I'd like to attribute it to the time that's been shared with our beautiful family. We have grandparents that adore them, aunties and uncles who eat them up, and cousins who are creating amazing memories together. 
Hope everyone one is having a BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL Christmas season!

Here's a quick recap of the past two weeks!

Before we left DC, our weekend was filled with over 2 feet of snow!!! It was awesome to say the least!

A view from the front 

Daddio had a blast building a snowman with the kiddos! (Note: We are not terrible parents...Mr. Landon came out for a cameo appearance without his shoes!!!)

Papa Raftery surprised Kennedy and Landon with a new wooden playhouse for Christmas! This will be a big hit this SPRING!

Priceless expression Christmas morning

Geared up for our first trip into Ohio. Although this leg of the trip only consisted of a day in a half we truly enjoyed seeing Nana, Auntie Meaghan, Aunt Kitty, and all the beautiful cousins!

Mr. Landon is OBSESSED with his new xylophone from Nana!

Stay tuned for Part 2 and 3 coming straight from the STL and the Windy City!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Capitol Christmas

This past weekend, we decided to head downtown and see the Capitol Christmas tree that traveled all the way from Arizona. This year's theme was called "The People's Tree" where 6,ooo handcrafted ornaments where hung on the tree by Arizona schoolchildren. It was beautiful to say the least. 
We also checked out the Botanical Gardens which has an amazing train display that Landon was absolutely enthralled with. 
This city is quickly becoming a place that our family loves!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Belting it Out!

This past Thursday, Miss K had her Christmas recital at her preschool. They've been rehearsing for weeks! The only way I actually know this for certain is that Kennedy has been singing the "Happy birthday Jesus" song non-stop! She's been super excited about the whole event...the music, her friends, the special dress, etc, etc. I have to say that there is something so amazing about watching your child up on stage belting out songs about Jesus. I'm so proud of who she is and the girl she is turning into. I LOVE that little girl!!!

Here's a little clip of the evening (FYI: She's the one to the left in the black dress)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Giving Thanks...

Last year, I had this "vision" of hosting our very first Thanksgiving at our home (wherever that ended up to be). We were pretty sure that DC would be that place so I called our family and everyone was in!!! I love love love entertaining so I was super thrilled to have such a grand opportunity. It was a weekend filled with love, family, and thankfulness! Thank you to all for making this year extra special...we are beyond thankful for the family God has given to us!!! 

Our Table was set...

our excitement was in gear...

our love filled the air!

My beautiful SISTERS!!!

Our turkey (prepared by mi madre) made a grand entrance!

Serve it up Daddy-O!

Grandma Patty looking pretty as can be

Auntie Nicole became Miss K's pillow after a long day!

Friday was spent exploring DC with the was a cold windy day but we had a great time just being together

Metro Love!

Miss K and Landon had Christmas early with Grandma K and Papa Gary. She decided a swim suit would be the BEST way to open gifts. I just love her fashion sense!

Saturday we went to Georgetown. This place is truly one of my favorite areas in DC. Landon is in LOVE with Santa this year!

On Sunday, we went to this amazing tree farm in Chantilly, VA. It was beautiful and oh so much fun for the kiddos. 

My sister Meaghan - love you!!!

They had this HUGE slide that the kids adored. After about the tenth time going down, Miss K took her brother. I just love this pic of them!

The baby goats loved Landon and Landon loved them even more!!!

Thanks for a great Thanksgiving weekend everyone!!! We love and miss you already!