Saturday, March 21, 2009

The BIGGEST Cupcake I Ever Did See...

For days now, Miss K has been begging (and OH DO I MEAN BEGGING) to make this cupcake mix we received as a gift for St. Patty's day. It's actually a super cute idea. This single serving organic (that always makes me justify these type of indulgences) cupcake mix comes wrapped up in a cute little box which includes a terra cotta pot to bake it in. Miss K loved the idea of having her very own super sized cupcake that she herself could bake.

I just devour these moments with her!

Get Ready...

Get Set...




Bye Bye Nana

We had a wonderful week with our Nana! She always brings goodies, laughter, and most of love to our family. As the years pass, saying goodbye doesn't get any easier. Maybe it's the mixture of the kids emotions now mixed with mine but my mom will always have that special place in my heart. She is strong...she is intelligent...she is beauty! I love you mom. Thank you for making our week so special!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

77 Days!

11 weeks = 77 days!!!

The road hasn't always been easy...

at times, the mountain felt steep and difficult to climb...

but we always looked ahead and believed that our God would take care of the rest...

we've tried to make the most of each and every day...

and find the peace and stillness within! 

Deployments...they change your family dynamic in so many ways. They have a way of making you see and feel deeper then ever before. They have the ability to make your faith stronger and deeper. And yet they also have a way of challenging you to your core. I've had times where I've questioned our place in the Navy. I've had times where my patience was anything but steady. But one of the things that have always remained constant and true are my friends and family. They have been there when the days where overwhelming or when all I needed was a good laugh or cry. I can't say enough for the people that continually surround me with their love. In 77 days my best friend will be home. In 77 days Kennedy and Landon will have their amazing father by their side. In 77 days our life together will again be as one. I love you babe! Let the count down begin!!! 

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Today we visited Kingsley Plantation, located off Ft. George Island, this historic landmark was once a running plantation that dates back to 1813. After driving down miles of dirt roads, we discovered a place of beauty and history. As we walked the grounds, I couldn't help but feel the people that once filled these was breathtaking to say the least. Slavery is something that is not to be forgotten. It is part of our history. It's part of who we all are today. 

The Kingsley Plantation Main House

Kennedy and Landon sitting "pretty" inside the barn

The Kingsley Plantation Barn was artfully constructed out of burned shells, sand, and water  

Greetings mi madre!

The view was amazing!

One of the three apples of my eye!!!

Say Tree!!! 

You can't end an amazing day without some of the BEST EVER ice cream...right???

Located in downtown Amelia Island, this ice cream parlor was a true GEM! 


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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sister Sam has arrived!!!

During our Christmas visit with Nana, we came across a beautiful dress at Von Maur. The brand is Sister Sam (how ironic) and it was truly love at first sight. They have a 50' s flair mixed with fun simple patterns - I absolutely adore this style! Fast forward a few months...Nana sent us a package today and what was in there but another Sister Sam dress. Miss K was also in love, "Mom! I love it! It's comfy cozy!" Besides the dress, my mom added in a few goodies (chocolate, pasta, and some yummy chai) and a cute set of p.j's for Landon. Our Nana is so very thoughtful!

Thanks Nana!

We LOVE you!
See you in 5 days!