Sunday, December 12, 2010


Anyone that checks our blog knows that I go through periods of posting a lot and periods where I just cannot find the time! Life is busy in the Raftery house. What I've come to realize is that no matter how much time you have, you fill it up. I go through times where I throw myself a pity party with all of our weekly to do's. Guilt seeps in and I wonder if my friends understand my season of absence. I'm not the Sam I was 2 years ago....back then I had time to have play dates, mommy time, and go to the gym. Last night as I read my devotional (Out of the Spin Cycle) I reflected on the fact that God has me in a special place regardless of my fears, struggles, and failures. He knows what I need and He understands the desires of my heart. I know there will be a season again that my "mother load" is lighter but I also feel blessed that God gave ME the opportunity to mother three beautiful children...He gave ME the opportunity to take Landon to therapy...He gave ME the chance to help others through our challenges. While playdates seem to be a thing of the past lately, I've had the opportunity to meet incredible courageous families who inspire and encourage me.  There are also moments where you see the fruits of your mothering blossom. Just the other day at the dinner table, Kennedy paused and said "Christmas is a special time..presents are great but the real special part is that Jesus was born". The Fruits! Landon is moving right along too. I just love that little guy! He is now able to say his ABC's, count to 10, play memory card games, and the language is coming. Last year I never could imagine him putting two words together but God is faithful and he is now stringing two words together and is able to read sight words. Yes I'm bragging...but I'm so proud! I cannot forget about our Nolan too! He is so sweet and patient and loves his new freedoms of grasping toys, rolling over, and babbling. Oh and I can't forget those sweet dimples of his!

Moving on and rewinding a bit....

This past Thanksgiving was spent in St. Louis with a pit stop at my moms B&B. Although the drive was  a bit long (especially with a three month old) our Thanksgiving was truly relaxing and beautiful!

The mill looks so beautiful in November! 

Before we headed into St. Louis, Miss K and Nana went hunting for osage-orange fruit that falls during this time of year. K loved it and managed to stash 5 of them in our car!

This was right up K's alley...she adores exploring and finding "treasures"!

Nana and K before we headed out. Thanks for always welcoming us Mom...we love you!

As we gave thanks this Thanksgiving, we also said goodbye to Jared's Aunt Catherine. Her memorial service was beautiful and it reflected the long compassionate life she lived. She was a woman of strength, faith, and love.

Nolan meeting Auntie Evi and Auntie Zoom 

Cookie time with Granny Smith

See those 'em! 

I'm not sure where Granny gets this energy but I hope that I can do airplanes and headstands when I'm that age! The kids soak it up!

Miss K loves her Auntie Zoom! We had some girl time and went shopping at Michaels Arts and Crafts (K LOVES this place) where Auntie Zoom got her a new paint set and Granny found a her a beginners sewing machine....Miss K was quite excited! 

Traveling can be exhausting at times but so worth each and every moment!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

T is for THOMAS!!!

This past weekend, Jared and I surprised the kiddos with a trip to PA to see none other than THOMAS the TANK ENGINE!

The anticipation of seeing their faces was exciting in itself! Miss K thinks Thomas is pretty cool but Landon ADORES Thomas and I was dancing in my pants thinking of my little guy in awe! As always, our trip was filled with some interesting events including a flat tire that caused an hour detour to Firestone but beyond all of that we had an amazing time that left me more thankful for the smiles that fill my life!

The Strasburg Railroad is a sight to see...the trains are original coal burning steam trains packed with velvet seats and cast iron detailing.  


"Thomas is real!!" 

Landon's eyes say it all...they tell the story of a little boy who loves his trains. 

Getting ready for Thomas to start his engine!

All Aboard!!!

Round and round we go! 

 As we waited to meet Sir Topham Hatt...Landon was dancing in excitment!

Now arriving...Thomas the Tank Engine

There is something about Landon's eyes that continue to remind me of his passion, innocence, and sweetness. I love this guy! 

On our way back to DC we took the back roads and found a great Amish village that showcased local crafts and food. They had a great petting zoo for the kids where they had a chance to feed llamas, sheep, and goats. 

Yeah for play!

Miss K has such passion and zest for life. She finds the greatness in the small things...these pics fill my heart when I see her beautiful personality sine through!

Miss K (aka conductor) assigned us seats where we went for the best train ride in town!

Our little guy was content as always in his peanut shell...I often wonder what life was like without him just three short months ago. He is so sweet and peaceful!   

The best passenger on the train was none other than Daddy-O himself! These trips remind me of the blessing he is in our lives! The best road trip in my life is spending it with my main you babe!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Big 30 and the Big Apple

This past weekend I celebrated my 30th birthday with a surprise getaway to NYC!! Jared has always done a super job of making me feel special on my birthday but this birthday was extra special with a cherry on top!!

 After checking into our hotel, we headed to Times Square. Pictures don't do it justice but it was an amazing sight to say the least! 

This pic was all for my Landon!

After an amazing dinner at Sushi Samba, we headed to an off-broadway production called "Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating, and Marriage". It was a great topper to a evening I will never forget!

Kennedy and Landon stayed back with Papa Raftery for the weekend while Nolan enjoyed some alone time with mommy and daddy. He was quite the trooper through all of our sight seeing and fun!

 When we got home, I was welcomed to a beautiful surprise of balloons, banners, and flowers. It was weekend I will always treasure! Thanks babe for making me feel so incredibly special and loved! 

Thank you Papa Raftery for taking on two kiddos who truly adore you! 

(yes there are no pics of Jared and I! Sounds pretty crazy but we were all wrapped up in the moment just enjoying us!)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore!

Pumpkin Party!
hosted by: Daddy-O


Any activity with him involved is sure to be a major hit and this was no exception! 

Costume Party!
hosted by: the Wicked Witch of the East & the Scarecrow

Dorothy was beyond excited to explore Emerald City!

With three taps of her ruby red shoes...

We were off!

We found the tin man on the way...he was quite the looker!

and then that adorable lion and scarecrow joined us!

We walked and walked down that yellow brick road

and managed to get some squeezes in too!

It was a magical evening filled with smiles and of course lots of TREATS!




and last but not least, My SCARECROW!

Our Halloween was filled with excitement, wonder, and pure fun! It left me saying, "There's no place like home!"