Friday, August 29, 2008

The greatest of these is love...

Five years ago, my life would never be the same.
Five years ago, I was forever changed.
Five years ago, my heart became yours.
Five years ago, God joined us as one.

These past five years have been an amazing journey. You've touched my heart, you've calmed my soul, and you've loved me through it all. Thank you for being the man that fills my days with peace, laughter, and beauty. I love you sweetie. Happy Anniversary!

1 Cor 13:13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Over the past few days, Tropical Storm Fay has kept us in and away from the outside world. Kennedy and Landon thrive on outside time and being at the house for over 48 hours definitely gave us a taste of cabin fever! Today was the first day that we had a chance to get out and enjoy some "away from home" time. A local museum here in Jax is called the MOSH (Museum of Science & History). They had some neat exhibits and a play area that the kids loved. Kennedy was a little unsure about the GIANT insect exhibit but other than that we had a good time. We were also able to meet up with the Anderson's for a great lunch at European Street Cafe - yum! I'm trying to soak in all this time with Jared. Deployment seems such a short time away (mid Nov) and these moments of fun bring the reality of him being gone to life. We sure love him!

An Extra Hand

Laundry...the never ending battle! Lucky for me, I've found someone who actually enjoys this task! Kennedy has been watching and apparently taking notes.....we found her folding laundry a couple nights back and I had to capture this moment. She was so proud of her accomplishment as were we! I always welcome an extra hand!
Separating her piles

This was the finished product

You like???

Saturday, August 16, 2008


A few days back (that's a little conservative), my good friend Beth "tagged" me. If your new to the whole world of blogs, being tagged is a game where you take 10 set photos (no cleaning allowed...which got me a little frazzled) and then tag 3 friends back. This was a really fun thing to do and got me thinking about some new projects to work on - (1) my laundry room needs a little TLC where it actually makes me excited to walk in and do LOADS of clothes (2) I want our master bedroom to scream serenity and style (considering this is where I find my peaceful moments). I truly love our home and the people that occupy this space. It won't be our home for long but its been a place that gives me rest and heart of thankfulness!
1 Favorite Destination
3200 Timbertrail Ct. Home is truly where the heart is!
2 Self-Portrait
Say Cheese!

3 What the kiddos are doing???
Well...Well...Well...Kennedy is upside down
and Landon is hanging out in his pod reading a book!

4 My Closet
Not exactly as organized as I would like; however, our new IKEA hangers make the space easier on the eyes!

5 Laundry Room
See what I mean...I think it needs some COLOR!

6 Refrigerator
Hey Heather, see the fish sauce!
I added a pic of the outside of our refrigerator. It's filled with people we love, quotes that inspire, and art that the kids create!

7 Favorite Room in the House
I picked the living room because it's a place that Jared and I love to relax. There's something so special about having this space where at the end of the day it's just the two of US!

8 Bathroom Sink

9 Kitchen Sink
Cup O' Joe and Landon's bib!

10 Favorite Shoes
It's hard to pick but I settled on my brown summer platforms - they're surprisingly comfortable!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Life's a beach...

This past weekend, we decided to fit in a much needed trip to the beach. There is something so amazing about the ocean - it brings peace and stillness to our busy lives! Our weeks are filled with errands, activities, and work; however, taking time to just BE with my family is what I thrive on. Jared, Kennedy, and Landon an amazing bunch of people that I love hanging out with!

Friday, August 8, 2008

"Mommy, babies are sleeping!!!"

Today was one of those days that you prayed the kids would stay awake in the car! We had a great day celebrating Hailey's 4th birthday at the beach. The kids absolutely love the ocean so it was no surprise that they were quite exhausted when 2:00 hit (my kiddos usually take their afternoon siesta around 1:00)! Long story short....we get home after a 45 minute drive and I get the kids down for their nap by 3:00 (way to go mom!!!) After a quick tidying of the house, I sit back, relax, and start reading my Real Simple Family magazine that just came in the mail - I was super excited! Landon was up after about 45 minutes and Kennedy was up shortly after she heard us giggling together. She insisted that we had to be quiet because her babies were sleeping! I heard her white noise still going in her room (yes...we still use the white noise!) and I asked if I could peek in on her babies. She said, "Yes mommy but be very quiet.". I walked in and found this! I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story!
I thought this one was a little scary - I swear I don't put the kids down this way!

All comfy cozy!

Did you really think I was asleep?

Mommy - aren't you proud of me??!! don't touch my babies!!!

Ha...Ha...Ha...I got them!

Did I do that?

Although the naps were not the best today, there was a great story to tell!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In the Moment....

Sometimes life calls for living in the a perfect world I would do this every day! I'm a planner. I like to be super organized (it keeps my mind together); however, there are times that we should step out of our comfort zone and go for it and that's what this past weekend was all about. On Thursday, my good friend Meghan invited us to join them on a trip to Busch Gardens in Tampa. It sounded like great fun but I was feeling a bit apprehensive due to a weekend filled with other plans. Jared and I talked it over Friday night and after changing our minds a few times, we decided to go for it! When do the guys ever have a chance to have time off together???? - NEVER!! Saturday morning we made our way down to Tampa with both the Winters and the Anderson's. We stopped for lunch at Chipolte - not only Jared's favorite but Meghan's too! After we settled into our hotel (thank you Papa Raftery), we made our way down to Tampa's International Mall and enjoyed dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. Sunday morning we headed over to Busch Gardens on a hot sunny 90 degree Florida day. The kids did great despite the long day and we even managed to enjoy a few rides! Meghan and I took Kennedy and Luke on the log ride - it brought back so many memories of my dad and I 20 plus years earlier enjoying the same ride together! After a long fun packed day we enjoyed another dinner of OLE CHIPOLTE (I think Meghan and Jared were in on this one!!) Before we headed back on Monday, the kids splashed around at the hotels pool - we thought it would get some much needed energy out before our trip home. Living in the moment is an amazing thing - it allows you to enjoy the opportunity that presents allows you to live for the day and not worry about tomorrow. Thank you Meghan, Ben, Mike, and Jessica for giving us an opportunity to live in the moment with you!
The guys took the kids while the girls shopped at the International Mall of Tampa

Attack of the Kennedy kisses!

The Winter's Family - Grayson is such a peaceful baby!

Look what the eggs hatched!

Daddy'o and Kennedy

The park grounds where beautifully kept

Meghan, Luke, Kennedy, and I on our log ride - what fun!

Luke sitting high on daddy's shoulders

Cute Lips!

The Anderson's on our train ride

This is a tad high for my liking but way worth the view!

A view from our gondola car

A Day to Remember!