Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Miss K's Second Grade Day

It's hard to believe that our summer has passed and I'm sharing yet another school year beginning. It seems like yesterday that I was pouring my eyes out as K started her kindergarten year and yet the same  emotional mama showed her face again as her first grade rolled in. Well, it happened again...although this time it wasn't until I got home and realized that my spunky girl was off to second grade! 

On the night before school, her teacher sent home a magical pouch of "jitter glitter". It's said to put you fast asleep and help you wake up fresh and ready for your first day of school...it worked like a charm! 

We snapped a few pics...

of her cheesy smile and beautiful dress (thanks nana!) 

and her innocent gaze that keeps my heart at ease

Here's to a wonderful sEcOnD grade year with a teacher that you already are smitten over! I love you sweet girl and thank you for the most awesome summer! I pray that you continue to spread your wings and reach for all of your amazing dreams! 

These guys made the mommy tears drift away after a stroll in the park. So thankful for these opportunities!