Wednesday, July 20, 2011

First in Line

One thing that is REALLY hard for me to do is to break from the stuff I love! One of those things happens to be this sweet blog. I'll never forget when my friend Beth introduced me to the world of blogging - I was a bit skeptical at first but now it truly is a love of mine. It has been an outlet, a diary, a poem, a story, a opportunity to share a piece of our world with the ones we love. This season in our lives has dealt many challenges - challenges that have left me learning a lesson in priorities. A good lesson indeed! I haven't neglected our blog because I can't find the time. I've taken a break because my needs and the needs of my family have taken the "first in line" spot.  With all that being said, I have lots to update!!!! 

I'll start here:

Miss K is another year older! 6 years more smarter...6 years more wiser...6 years more sweeter! She is growing before our eyes! She reads to us, sings her sweet songs to us, and showers us with her love. I'm proud of her choices and her amazing drive, curiosity, and zest for life! I'm beginning to see how God designed her to be - what an amazing thing to watch! In less than 2 months, Miss K will start 1st grade...oh where is time going! Here's to an awesome year of being six my sweet K! 

Landon is doing well...he's a month into the ketogenic diet a.k.a "the magic diet".  During the first two weeks of initiating the diet, we saw our little miracle that we had desperately prayed for - two weeks seizure free! It was amazing to witness our son literally coming back to us...speech, motor skills, sensory issues, clarity, sleep were all improving and we were in awe of it all! I wanted to blog about his progress and the miracle that we were witnessing but I wanted to be careful and guard our hearts. I knew the thousands of stories before ours...stories of victory, stories of defeat, and stories of the in between. In the past two weeks Landon has had 4 seizures; however, we are not defeated. We are trusting that God has all of this in His hands - it's in Him that we find rest! I have to remind myself that it is not MY will but His will! While there is a small percentage that are seizure free from the beginning, it is more common to have some breakthrough seizures during the initial few weeks. We are now on day 8 without any recent seizures and  I pray that our little guy continues to benefit from this amazing diet...I am so proud of his progress so far! He is so so strong!

Last but not least...Nolan! He is our resilient one! Always going with the flow of our busy life. He brings smiles to my day - his little dimples melt my heart:) He too is growing before our eyes! Nolan is our little chatter box - mama, dada, all done, and no are some of his favs. He has mastered cruising around furniture and everything in between...a man on a mission indeed! I love watching his little personality blossom - sweet, funny, and full of energy! Did I mention he's giving us sweet kisses now - oh how I loves those so!!!

Lots more to update...we just came back from an awesome vacation to St. Louis and Chicago and will post pics soon!!