Friday, April 25, 2008

The wheels on the bike go round and round....

Thought I would share a couple pictures of our bike outing today - it was a little cramped for the kiddos but they had a blast!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Wow....Two posts in one night! I typically write about our family and all of our adventures; however, I have to let everyone know that I found a product that I absolutely adore!! It's called PureOlogy - they offer a variety of hair products that are just divine. It's a little pricey but way worth every penny (it's super concentrated so you only need a dab). I'm a sucker for good products and I really have found something that I will stick with!
Oh! I almost mom is the one that recommended this product. I have to give her credit where credit is due! Thanks mom!

We are happy to say that our little Landon started crawling last week!!! He is doing great with his strength building and even caught me off guard today when I saw him pull himself up into a standing position. Miss Kennedy is so proud of her brother and she always tells me, "Mommy I taught him that!". In a lot of ways I think she has taught him many things. She adores him and it's amazing watching her with her gentle spirit around him. Tonight, as we were putting Landon down, she brought her baby Becky in the room and we sang Twinkle Twinkle to the both of them. These innocent moments in life, remind me of the true blessing they are!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our sweet Landon!

As some may already know, we received Landon's MRI results this past weekend. God is truly faithful and we are so thrilled to say that all is perfect with him. This has been a long six months of the unknown and trying to understand "why" this was all happening. As a mother and a parent you want the absolute best for your children and when things were not matching up with Landon's development, I went into a questioning mode. What did I do? Why is this happening to our son? As I sit and write today, there is a song playing in the background and the words are so powerful and true. It says "His name is Jesus..oh Jesus The King of glory He means everything to me" These words reflect the way I feel about this entire situation. Without my faith I would not have the security and the assurance that there is always a reason we go through these trials in life. I've learned a lot in the past six months and I'm so happy that we can move forward and enjoy watching our children experience life. Thanks to all that have had our family in your thoughts and prayers!

Friday, April 4, 2008

On the Road Again...

These past few weeks have been filled with lots of traveling. Our family has so graciously opened their homes and made sure are crazy accommodations were met (sound machines, separate bedrooms, etc.) The times apart from Jared are definitely challenging; however, I'm so thankful to have parents and in-laws (I really dislike that label) that get us through these times. We set out three weeks ago with our minds completely open to what was in front of us. Traveling with two children may seem insane to some but for us it's always an adventure. As we flew into Ohio, I truly felt like I was Mother Hen; I had two children fast asleep on my lap - what a sight! We spent six days with my mom at the Grinnell Mill. She manages a newly renovated bed and breakfast in the middle of a forest preserve - this peaceful and historic mill was the perfect way to start out our trip. Our Easter started off with Kennedy discovering that the Easter bunny made a huge mess! As she examined the half-eaten carrots, she looked at my mom and I and said, "The Easter Bunny made a mess!!!" It was one of those precious moments! Kennedy and Landon enjoyed an Easter egg hunt with their cousins this year. As I watched them all together, I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like if they all lived close by. We set out the next day by car into St. Louis. Kennedy and Landon did great with the drive - I think they are becoming well traveled! Kennedy and Landon were thrilled to see their Granny and Granpy Smith. We had a fun week filled with lots of wonderful memories. On Wednesday, I was surprised with a day of beauty at a local Aveda spa; Jared contacted Lauren and set up a package filled with a facial, massage, manicure, and pedicure. I have to say the highlight was at the end of the day when the receptionist said, "your husband called, and he wants to thank you for all that you do!" I felt so beautiful and special that day - thanks to my hubby and Lauren! Auntie Evie and Uncle Joe came in Friday and we had a wonderful weekend together - they will be such awesome parents one day. St Louis was such a great part to our three week adventure; Lauren has amazing wisdom that I so greatly appreciate! On Sunday we headed up to Chicago. It was another great road trip and the kids did great. We had a wonderful dinner at my Aunt Kitty's; Uncle Craig put on another great magic show for Kennedy, Landon, and cousin Natalia. My dad and Kathy were so accommodating and as always it was great seeing my sisters - Eryn and Caitlin. We also had a chance to visit with my grandparents which is always a treat for the kids and I - they are two amazing people filled with faith and wisdom. OK - so this is a REALLY long story of our trip; however, I have to mention one last thing! Jared called on Tuesday with awesome news. He said he would be home before me on Saturday! I honestly could not believe it - this was a whole month early. Sure enough, he was at the airport waiting for us. As soon as Kennedy spotted him, she ran and hugged him with both feet and arms. Mr. Landon could not stop smiling; his little face was so beautifully focused on his daddy! We are so thrilled and blessed to have Jared home - he is the missing piece to our family puzzle.