Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Day in the Life of a One Year Old

A year ago, I had no idea what having a son would be like. In all honesty I was little scared at the whole idea of mothering a boy. Growing up with four sisters, I felt like that was all I knew. When Landon came into our lives a year ago, I was blown away at the special child that God blessed us with. He is a son of peace and happiness and I'm forever changed with him in my life! Our little Landon had his first birthday this past Saturday. It was a day that I wanted him to feel extra special which meant following the lead of a one year old. I made him his favorite breakfast which consisted of pancakes and bananas along with two cups of milk. We then set out for an adventure at the park. Besides loving the swing, he adores watching Miss Kennedy run wild - his little giggles are priceless. He also found it amazing to be facing forward in his carseat. I would gaze back at him from time to time and his face was lit up with excitement - he was now in the same "club" as his sis. After his afternoon siesta, we splashed around in our pool. Kennedy and Landon absolutely love the water! Before dinner, Landon opened up his gifts from Grandpa Gary and Grandma K. He adores his new Thomas the Train flashlight! I then prepared his favorite pesto and chicken dinner - from the pictures you can see he was on cloud nine! Kennedy and I picked out a small cake for him under the condition that she would have a slice. She was so thrilled to be part of this special day. We all sang Happy Birthday and watched Landon devour his first taste of sweets - I think he may have a slight sweet tooth. We had a beautiful day that celebrated our sweet and special Landon!

Here is a small video clip of Landon's cake experience



Erin said...

Sooo cute! Happy birthday, Landon! Hey Sam, this is Erin Ball, Jared's cousin Dru's wife. Lauren told me about your blog last time we were in St. Louis so I've been checking in...thought it was time to say hi and that I'm enjoying your posts. The kids are so cute and I loved hearing about how much fun you had celebrating Landon's b-day since we recently celebrated Violet's. Aren't they great?! It's funny how much there is in common with others when you become a, even the forward-facing car seat, oh yeah, that was a fun day over here too! Alright, well, just wanted to say hi and that I'm enjoying the blog even thought we've never met! :)

B E T H said...

I just love this video! How fun to see Landon LOVING his cake and hear Kennedy singing so sweetly! They are so cute together, and you are such a wonderful mom...your hair is so long! I'll call to catch up soon! Happy Birthday Landon! :)

Megs said...

Happy Birthday Landon! Such a smiley, sweet one year old!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you Landon. We love you. Granny and Grampy!

Liz said...

Thanks for sharing - so cute. I can't believe how much they are both growing up. Take Care.

Anonymous said...

How cute!!! Loved the clip of Landon tasting his first sweet. And Miss Kennedy sang Happy Birthday so well. Landon is lucky to have such a cool big sis!

Love to all,