Sunday, December 12, 2010


Anyone that checks our blog knows that I go through periods of posting a lot and periods where I just cannot find the time! Life is busy in the Raftery house. What I've come to realize is that no matter how much time you have, you fill it up. I go through times where I throw myself a pity party with all of our weekly to do's. Guilt seeps in and I wonder if my friends understand my season of absence. I'm not the Sam I was 2 years ago....back then I had time to have play dates, mommy time, and go to the gym. Last night as I read my devotional (Out of the Spin Cycle) I reflected on the fact that God has me in a special place regardless of my fears, struggles, and failures. He knows what I need and He understands the desires of my heart. I know there will be a season again that my "mother load" is lighter but I also feel blessed that God gave ME the opportunity to mother three beautiful children...He gave ME the opportunity to take Landon to therapy...He gave ME the chance to help others through our challenges. While playdates seem to be a thing of the past lately, I've had the opportunity to meet incredible courageous families who inspire and encourage me.  There are also moments where you see the fruits of your mothering blossom. Just the other day at the dinner table, Kennedy paused and said "Christmas is a special time..presents are great but the real special part is that Jesus was born". The Fruits! Landon is moving right along too. I just love that little guy! He is now able to say his ABC's, count to 10, play memory card games, and the language is coming. Last year I never could imagine him putting two words together but God is faithful and he is now stringing two words together and is able to read sight words. Yes I'm bragging...but I'm so proud! I cannot forget about our Nolan too! He is so sweet and patient and loves his new freedoms of grasping toys, rolling over, and babbling. Oh and I can't forget those sweet dimples of his!

Moving on and rewinding a bit....

This past Thanksgiving was spent in St. Louis with a pit stop at my moms B&B. Although the drive was  a bit long (especially with a three month old) our Thanksgiving was truly relaxing and beautiful!

The mill looks so beautiful in November! 

Before we headed into St. Louis, Miss K and Nana went hunting for osage-orange fruit that falls during this time of year. K loved it and managed to stash 5 of them in our car!

This was right up K's alley...she adores exploring and finding "treasures"!

Nana and K before we headed out. Thanks for always welcoming us Mom...we love you!

As we gave thanks this Thanksgiving, we also said goodbye to Jared's Aunt Catherine. Her memorial service was beautiful and it reflected the long compassionate life she lived. She was a woman of strength, faith, and love.

Nolan meeting Auntie Evi and Auntie Zoom 

Cookie time with Granny Smith

See those 'em! 

I'm not sure where Granny gets this energy but I hope that I can do airplanes and headstands when I'm that age! The kids soak it up!

Miss K loves her Auntie Zoom! We had some girl time and went shopping at Michaels Arts and Crafts (K LOVES this place) where Auntie Zoom got her a new paint set and Granny found a her a beginners sewing machine....Miss K was quite excited! 

Traveling can be exhausting at times but so worth each and every moment!!!


Megs said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Sam- you are doing a great job as a mom, and although this "season" seems long and at times daunting- you are doing an amazing job...
So glad to hear about Landon! That is awesome!!!
(and when things die down- give me a call- we can go get some coffee:))

Renee said...

Great post! I always feel that I don't have time for many friendships and playdates because I work part-time and now with Wesley in kindergarten there is even less time. You are an amazing woman and a wonderful mom.

This fall we drove by one house a few times a week that had something on display on the fence but we didn't know what it was. Now I know it was osage-orange fruit!

Mommie said...

Beautiful words Sam-It is hard to balance sometimes but you have a great inner strength that pulls you through even the most difficult situations-even when the co-pilot gets you lost AGAIN!!!
Your rewards are those special things your children do making you realize all the crazy time is so worth it I am so proud of you -

Beth said...

Sweet Sam! Loved this and so identify!! Life and it's "seasons" give us different sets of things to deal with...I can't help but think you juggle them beautifull! : ) Thank you SO much for the poster, it arrived today and I love it!! Can't wait to find the perfect place for it! So glad all of your little people are thriving they are just beautiful. Love to each of you!

Walsh Family said...

Hi Samantha! Thanks so much for reading my blog. Sometimes I feel like I'm in this all alone so it's great hearing from other moms. Cooper is on Arctic Cod Liver Oil with extra vitamin D. His pediatrician did some blood testing and found he was low on vitamin D and getting too many EFA's. He's also on B12 chewable supplements and pro-biotics. All 3 have been a good combo for him. PROMPT therapy was a miracle for Cooper too during his 3-year-old year. He's now graduated from that and is doing more with 3 syllable words, etc. His recovery has been long but steady. One of the things he's really struggling with during this 5-year-old year is writing. He's in OT once a week, but I think he could definitely use more help than that so we're trying to book an extra appointment a week. Thanks so much for writing! I'm glad your son is doing so well. It's great when you can get them the help they need early :)

kellie deitz said...

sam! i am so happy that landon is improving so much with his speech! great job momma! i will have to tell emma that her friend lost a tooth. she has a loose tooth and wants it out so bad! she talks about kennedy all the time. nolan is a doll-so cute! sounds like you are all doing well! hope to see you soon! love you! kellie