Thursday, March 18, 2010

No Ordinary Apple

This past week, we welcomed Granny Smith to D.C. It was a wonderful visit filled with fun, fun, and more fun. Granny Smith is a person that makes us all smile and I'm incredibly blessed to have her as my mother-in-law. She showers the kids with love and has a way of making the most of each and every moment. Although my camera was absent for most of our trip, I managed to squeeze in some pics from our Capitol Hill visit and some park fun.

This captures Granny Smith perfectly!

The Capitol has some amazing architecture...I was especially intrigued with the dome

Two peas in a pod!

We headed to our park where Granny had the kiddos finding rocks. It seems pretty simple but Kennedy and Landon soaked it up.

Lining them up one by one
Thank you Granny Smith for a wonderful visit. You are truly a gift to us and I enjoyed every minute of our time together! You are no ordinary apple! Love you!


Beth said...

So I had never put two and two together, but I love the fact that Granny Smith is also the name of an apple...something so fun about that! :) Glad you had fun...we need a pregnancy pic on here ASAP!! :)

ZOOM said...

So that's where Lauren went!!! I knew there was a visit soon. She has so much to offer to all people and loves her family very, very much - which shows each and every time. I know she came up with fun stuff for the kids, she always has an idea on hand.....great visit for all...especially for Granny Smith....