Thursday, August 11, 2011

Midwest Swing

This post is LONG overdue but I wanted to give those amazing grandparents something to smile about today! 

Part One: St. Louis

We started our midwest swing this year in St. Louis! We went to Jared's cousins BEAUTIFUL wedding and managed to squeeze in precious moments with the family. 

This one makes me grin from cheek to cheek!

and this one too! 

The cousins had a blast together at the wedding - PJ parties were a huge hit! 

Daddy Love:)

Granny and K found something special to always call their own - sewing. Granny has been teaching K her amazing trade and Kennedy truly loved every part of it! 

Raftery smiles...

times two!

We loved our time in STL! As always, wonderful memories!

Part Two: Chicago

Laid Back!

My beautiful Sisters!

Great Grandma Lenke and Kennedy - what a blessing that we have these moments to share! 

One of the biggest highlights of our trip was meeting my sweet niece Leila! She is SO Beautiful and oh SO sweet! Miss K was in "mommy" heaven!

My childhood bike revamped by my most talented padre!

Miss K and Grandma K tested it out - good as new! 

Lemonade anyone?

K adored this time with Grandma K - so much that we've had two lemonade stands since! 


A lover of fountains! 

Paddleboat adventures with Auntie Meaghan!

A True Gentlemen...

walking in his daddy's footsteps. 

ALL my sisters at ONE time - how awesome it was! 

As we continue to experience life away from family, it draws me to a deeper place. A place where I appreciate the small things, a place where time slips away, a place where I treasure the here and now. 

To our amazing family - thank you! Thank you for making our lives that much sweeter! Our cup runneth over!  


Renee said...

Looks like a wonderful trip. I didn't know you have four sisters! So cool!

Lauren Smith said...

Thanks Sam,
Gives me fuzzy feelings all over again.
Great vacation for everyone!

Dad said...

Love the pics.

We all had a blast!

Megs said...

Great pictures Sam!:)

ZOOM said...

LOVE all the pics you are so awesome to keep us all posted on your family and ours...visits etc. Thanks for all you do Sam, we so enjoy everything...great visit and when I finished, mailing off some fun toes are still painted, please tell Miss K....Love TOM and myself...