Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our sweet Landon!

As some may already know, we received Landon's MRI results this past weekend. God is truly faithful and we are so thrilled to say that all is perfect with him. This has been a long six months of the unknown and trying to understand "why" this was all happening. As a mother and a parent you want the absolute best for your children and when things were not matching up with Landon's development, I went into a questioning mode. What did I do? Why is this happening to our son? As I sit and write today, there is a song playing in the background and the words are so powerful and true. It says "His name is Jesus..oh Jesus The King of glory He means everything to me" These words reflect the way I feel about this entire situation. Without my faith I would not have the security and the assurance that there is always a reason we go through these trials in life. I've learned a lot in the past six months and I'm so happy that we can move forward and enjoy watching our children experience life. Thanks to all that have had our family in your thoughts and prayers!


B E T H said...

What a beautiful picture! Such good news, God is so faithful and I and so happy for you to have the answer you had hoped for! Can't wait to watch Landon grow and develop (even if it is in pictures). I hope to meet hime face to face sooner rather than later! We love you.

Donna said...

Way to go Landon-After seeing you at Easter I really felt he was aok but having the test results verifying that he is fine is a load off all our minds. I truly felt God's hand in bring Jared home early so he could be with his family during the testing. Love to you all-Donna/Nona

Megs said...

Sam- so glad to hear all is well with Landon:) After seeing him the other day, he seems to be making great strides:)