Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Meaning of Father's Day....

To an amazing father:
Thank you for being a dad that our children adore! You ability to show them how to enjoy each and every moment always seems to amaze me. You've created special times for them that will continue to impact their life. Whether it's taking them to the park, going on a bike ride, or sharing lemonade - your always committed to pouring your time and love into them. I love you as a husband and I love you as the father of our children! Happy Fathers Day!

To My Father:

You've been there through every stage of life. Through the tears, through the joy, and through the moments only a dad could mend. Your a father that has shown me to enjoy life and to appreciate the small things in this world. Your notes of encouragement have always been a source of strength and I thank you for putting so much time and love into my childhood. It's true what they say about daughters and fathers - there is a special bond that only we can understand! I love you dad! Happy Fathers Day!