Monday, June 30, 2008

Kennedy's Magical Birthday

Thanks again Beth for making the best invites!

This past Saturday Kennedy had her third birthday party. We celebrated with family and friends - including Nana, Papa Raftery, Aunt Kitty & Craig. Craig put on an exciting magic show. It was such a treat watching all the faces wonder in amazement at Magic Murphy's wonderful talent - all the kids loved him! My mom came in on Monday, my aunt Kitty arrived on Wednesday, Papa Raftery on Friday and Craig got in Saturday morning - the whole week was definitely a treat for us. Miss Kennedy was so excited the day of her birthday. She couldn't wait for her friends to arrive and for the fun to begin. My aunt Kitty and I put together a birthday outfit for Kennedy which consisted of a tutu with star embellishments, a t-shirt with an iron-on number three, and a princess crown. She looked adorable and was with out a doubt the birthday girl! It was a wonderful day and a wonderful week! Thank you mom, Papa Raftery, Aunt Kitty, and Craig for making Kennedy's day so special! Love you!

Hanging out with Aunt Kitty & Craig

Hocus Pocus!

Jumping with Aunt Kitty

Watching Magic Murphy's show

Landon and Nana (Thanks Amy for the great pics!)

Yum Yum!

More magic!

This was a great trick!
Bouncing away!

Can we say excited?

Kennedy and Nana

Mini angel food cupcakes (perfect for the little ones)

Sorry for all the pics - it's always hard to pick and choose!


Megs said...

We had a great time! The magic show was definitely "magical":) I also know how nice it is to have family around as you celebrate!

B E T H said...

It looks like it was so much fun! Kennedy is just so beautiful! I love the birthday outfit, the cupcakes, the whole sheBANG! Great job as usual Sam-your the hostess with the mostest! love ya'!

Donna said...

When I was reading this I thought I wouldn't cry-but the lemonade remedy got to me. Kennedy is such a unique child-every time I see her it is a new experience. The 'excuse me' is such a perfect example of how her parents have made such a huge impact in her overall development-she is sooo much fun to be around but also polite. I will say that I have gotten about 1 hour more sleep since I returned.Kennedy would wake me at the crack to tell me Nana-its light out! I had a lot of fun at her party-Craig did a wonderful job and Kitty had ideas to make everything come together.Sam and Jared-you are wonderful parents and I feel bless to be part of it all. Love, Mom