Thursday, October 16, 2008


Just in case you don't know this WELL KNOWN fact, Jared loves Chipotle! According to a recent survey taken by Jared S. Raftery, he has visited over 50 Chipotle's in 12 states! Well if this isn't proof enough, today is where this friendly relationship between man and burrito has turned into a pure obsession (kinda kidding but not really). here's the story. A few months back, we learned that Chipotle was coming into Jax. Jared was beyond excited. He had been waiting 5 long years for a Chipotle to be located within a 60 mile radius of us. Trips to Houston, San Antonio, Orlando, and Gainsville have always been on our monthly agenda (in case you don't know, Houston is 4 hours from Corpus Christi!!!). Jared has been sporadically checking on the construction progress of our Jacksonville Chipolte and making sure things where right on track. About a week ago, I was on a local website for kids and I saw an advertisement for Chipotle's pre-opening party with free burritos. When Jared learned of this so called "day in history", he started planning out our whole day. Here's how it went.....wake up, drive Kennedy to playschool at 8:30, drop her off, drive to Chipotle, wait in line for 2 hours, have Sam and Landon join me at 11:00. Scary right?? There we were, 5 minutes away from having our first Jax Chipotle burrito chatting with the other Chipotlians. Jared was in his glory and I loved every minute of it!


alison said...

That is hilarious, not surprising at all, but completely hilarious!! I'm glad that Jared was there to take part in such an important day in Jax history!

Beth said...

I think of y'all every time we eat (or see) Chipotle! The funny thing is while we were on vacation in San Diego we just accidentally happened upon a new one that was opening there during their "free burrito" night! :) So glad you can eliminate the long road trips! Enjoy!

Lauren Smith said...

Hey Congratulations,
Are there Chipolte's in Japan or El Salvador? If there is I know Jared will sniff it out!
What a wonderful day in history. One to remember like BD's and anniversaries, right?

Donna said...

It was a sultry day in Jax when I arrived for Miss k's first bithday week.It was also Fathers Day-Jared,Sam and Kennedy arrived at the airport with kisses and hugs and Jared telling me he wanted to take me to a special place for lunch in honor of my visit.I was soo excited and curious to eat at a new Jax restaurant. TWO hours later we arrived in Gainsville at CHIPOTLE-what mother-in-law would deal with that!! Lucky for me I did like the food and the company was stupendeous.Jared was like a little kid when I was there in August with the impending opening-Sam-whats for lunch the next month??

Liz said...

Congratulations! Landon's picture at the table is priceless -- starting him young.

When I think of Chipotle, I think of you guys -- I do recall flying to FL with some OH Chipotle on the airplane for your wedding....not so sure my co-passengers appreciated it. :)

Megs said...

man do i now crave a burrito! my sister and brother-in-law are headed to jax this weekend - and guess where we are heading....:)
glad jared can satisfy is craving!