Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Day 'O Fun

Our St. Louis trip came to a close yesterday. We had a wonderful time visiting with the family and we managed to squeeze in a day at the St. Louis City Museum. This unique (and I mean unique!) experience was so much fun for the kids and me. Once the International Shoe Company, this 600,000 square foot converted factory now has a wide range of exhibits. From an eclectic children's playground to a surrealistic pavilion, this architectural rich museum WOWED us. We played for a few hours and even walked away with some hand crafted ornaments designed by Miss Kennedy herself!

Thanks Granny and Granpy for a great 10 days!
Off to Chicago we go....

This was the entrance! In the summer, this area is open to explore.

Off we go!

Miss K was a little apprehensive at first

The childrens playground was made out of recycled materials

I loved this room...simple, open, and fresh!

Miss K's creations

Kennedy solo on her very own train ride

Landon thought this place was a huge jungle gym

Good Day!


Megs said...

Looks l1ike such a fun place to explore!!:) Hope you guys had a safe trip to Chicago and have a wonderful Christmas!:)

Beth said...

This place looks like FUN! Hope all your travels are going well. Merry Christmas to some of our favorite people! Love ya'!