Wednesday, December 3, 2008


You may ask, "What is this that I see?" Well put yourself in the mind of a 3 year old and let your imagination run wild. Traveling is a great thing for young minds - let this picture be proof! Kennedy was in her world o' fun and she picked all of my moms jade plant droppings from the floor. She proceeded to put Becky (in case you don't know Becky, she is Miss K's favorite baby doll) in Landon's highchair and broke all the jade leaves into tiny tiny pieces. She added a little dried leaf garnish and feed her Becky a "grape" dinner. YUMO!

A little laughter goes a long way when we need it the most - thanks for brighting my day Kennedy!


Megs said...

What a wonderful imagination!! That is really funny and a very "yummy" treat:)