Sunday, January 11, 2009

"The Salt Life"

January! 75 degrees! Clear Skies! It Must Be A Salt Life!

One of my favorite places to unwind, relax, and breath (besides Jared's arms) is the ocean. It's filled with wonder, tranquillity, and peace - did I fail to mention I love it! Kennedy and Landon had a blast with Auntie Meaghan. She is a playful sort...goes with the flow and knows how to have FUN! I love having her here - it has truly helped me pass the time and get all the odds and ends accomplished. 

We started our afternoon by heading out to Neptune Beach to visit their weekly "green" farmers market. I walked away with some goodies (fresh just-picked cabbage, olive oil soap, and the most magnificent Kenya coffee I've ever tasted). After the market, we headed over to the beach. Meaghan and Kennedy found some pretty cool shells while I chased Mister Landon around. A good day indeed! 

Here's too a great afternoon!!!


Megs said...

What a way to spend the day after 6 weeks in the cold North:) Glad your sister is around to help with the transition back home:)

Beth said...

oooooooh...I'm SO jealous. That just looks amazing. Everything here is like a big soggy sponge and it never stops raining and the sun NEVER shines, I'm not trying to be negative, but wow, that just looks amazing!!! :) Sorry I missed you today...I was having QUITE a issues etc.! I'll call tomorrow, can't wait to catch up!

Donna said...

Okay guys-are you posting this to torment the rest of us in the country who are in single digits??Wish I was there too-love the pic of you and Meaghan-what in the world would we do without sunglasses!!Landon and Kennedy look like they love running the beach instead of snow.Love Mommie and Nana

Lauren Smith said...

"No place like home", and that's the truth!!!!
It's wonderful to see you all so happy.
Sam your pictures are fabulous.
Love You guys,
Granny Smith

ps The puppet playhouse theatre IS coming.