Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tag! Your it!

My friend Meghan sent me this tag - thanks Megs! It's fun and a great way to know your friends a bit better.

* I am: a child of God

* I want: to give my children a life filled with love

* I have: a great family, a cozy home, and friends who I admire

* I dislike: olives

* I miss: my sweetie!!! 4 months 1 week to go!!!

* I fear: being alone

* I feel: grateful, blessed, and loved

* I hear: Miss K needing some momma love

* I crave: sushi!!!

* I cry: very easily - a bit on the emotional side. Jared says, “Your leaking again!!”

* I usually: juggle school, being a mom, and staying peaceful

* I search: where our family will be living city, new schools, and a new life

* I wonder: what heaven is like

* I regret: not enjoying the first couple months of Miss K’s life. I was to busy trying to perfect - that we cannot be!

* I love: my God, my hubby, my children, my family, my friends, my life!

* I care: about the feelings of others

* I always: dream of tomorrow

* I worry: too much - this is my work in progress!

* I am not: great at prioritizing my days

* I remember: my wedding day, the birth of my two beauties, and the way my parents have loved me

* I believe: that tomorrow is a new day

* I dance: around the house with the kiddos - we’re a bit on the WILD side!

* I sing: in the shower, in the car, in the house, I guess about everywhere. Jared’s favorite song I sing goes like this, "It’s time to wake up! The birds are chirping! Chirp, Chirp, Chirp!!!" That one is for you babe!

* I don't always: appreciate the smaller things in life

* I argue: in order to gain control - it never seems to work and always leaves me feeling exhausted

* I write: two papers a week. I actually enjoy gives me a sense of creativity and keeps my mommy brain going

* I win: when I’m shooting hoops with my hubby (the only game I can win against him!)

* I wish: I could go on the Amazing Race

* I listen: to my inner voice - it guides me, inspires me, and motivates me in life’s journey

* I don't understand: a lot in life - sickness, tragedy, loss, hate, greed.

* I can usually be found: at the park, market, riding my bike, or studying.

* I need: to love others shortcomings

* I forget: that our children our growing before our eyes!

* I am happy: relaxing on the couch with my number one guy!

I tag Beth, Alison (you have to do it this time!!!), and Erin.


Megs said...

that was fun to read- hope to see you soon:)

alison said...

Ok, ok, I will definitely do it. Give me at least 24 hours! I promise I will do it! Miss you!