Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sister Sam has arrived!!!

During our Christmas visit with Nana, we came across a beautiful dress at Von Maur. The brand is Sister Sam (how ironic) and it was truly love at first sight. They have a 50' s flair mixed with fun simple patterns - I absolutely adore this style! Fast forward a few months...Nana sent us a package today and what was in there but another Sister Sam dress. Miss K was also in love, "Mom! I love it! It's comfy cozy!" Besides the dress, my mom added in a few goodies (chocolate, pasta, and some yummy chai) and a cute set of p.j's for Landon. Our Nana is so very thoughtful!

Thanks Nana!

We LOVE you!
See you in 5 days!


Beth said...

ooohhhh fun new clothes to check out! YAY! Love the dress! :)

Kimberly said...

That dress is so cute! I looked at some of their other stuff online and loved it! I'm going to have to remember this for when Naomi gets a little bigger!

alison said...

Is she coming to FL or are you coming here??? I hope your coming here but I'm betting she's coming to you! Give your mom our love! Do you know when Jared is returning? We had to change our Disney trip by a week, so we will be there June 7-13. I'm hoping that we still might be able to come up for a visit. I have booked our tickets to Orlando but haven't done anything about the return yet.

Have a great time with your mom! Let's try to connect soon.


Sam said...

Alison!!! We might be able to come join you guys in Orlando! Jared might be back by then and I know the kiddos would love seeing eachother. I'll let you know!

ZOOMER said...

Love the dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your mom did great, please tell her HELLO...please tell Kennedy she looks so pretty for to you soon...Love ya ZOOM