Monday, February 23, 2009

Batter Up Jellybeans!!!

We are truly blessed to have some great neighbors in Jax. As we approach getting our next orders, I can't help but think of how I'll measure up our next home, neighbors, and location. There is something awesome to be said for living in our little cul-de-sac - the kids play freely outside at least a few times a week and the kiddos have found some great friends. Which finally leads me to the POINT OF THIS POST!!! A few neighborhood moms and I decided to start a T-Ball team for the kids. We had our first practice today and the kids voted on the team name The Jellybeans - too cute!!! It was so great watching my little girl this afternoon! She has passion, determination, and most of all a fun spirit. This was definitely one of those moments that my competitive side came out. I couldn't help but cheer and give my girl some pointers. It sounded a bit like this, "GO GO GO....Kennedy this way this way.... your awesome...keep running....GO GO GO!!!" It was quite hilarious playing this all back in my mind. Landon was a trooper through it all - he found fun in the dirt and chassing all the balls around. Before I know it, he'll be battering up!    

Like this mom?
GO Jellybeans!


Lauren Smith said...

Sam, This is great! And I love the name "Jellybeans".
This immediately brought back memories of when I helped coached Evonne's first soccer team when she was in Kindergarten.
You'll have as much fun as the kids.
Kennedy, you already have great form. Hit a homerun for Granny Smith.
You GO Girls.
A favorite fan,
Granny Smith

Megs said...

What really fun idea! It sounds like Kennedy has both her mom and dad's competitive side:)

ZOOM said...

Does Kennedy need batting gloves??