Saturday, May 2, 2009


As Kennedy gets older (which is sooo hard to even say), I’ve realized that our once little girl deserves some big girl type of fun. We’ve stuck to the same schedule over the past four years - Dinner 6:00 Bath 6:30 Story 7:00 Hit The Sack 7:30. Although I’m a LOVER of schedules, there’s times when you have to detour. We’ve started a weekly tradition called “FUN FRIDAYS” - a day where anything goes! Schedules out and Fun in!

The morning started with blueberry pancakes, mango juice, and of course some mama love. After sneaking in a few errands, we headed to our front yard and let our imaginations run wild. They LOVED it! Water, free play, buckets, sun - what child wouldn’t be ecstatic! After a long day in the sun, we enjoyed a taco dinner (a Landon & Kennedy fav) and had an EXTRA special bath filled with lavender bubbles. With Landon in bed, Miss K and I had some mother and daughter time which was truly an order! She’s such an awesome little girl...filled with life, love, and laughter! As we sat there on the couch watching a movie, I reflected on who she’s become and how grateful I am to be her mother.

God is good!


How sweet it is to be loved...

by you...

and you!!!

Here’s to Fun Fridays! A day where I can let my kids JUST BE kids!


Kimberly said...

I love this! What a great idea! I'm sure she felt incredibly special to stay up later than Landon and have some mother-daughter time. And where is that awesome "push bucket" thing that Kennedy is sitting in from? How cool!!!

heather said...

Awesome! So fun. We need to get out the sprinkler and just let it rip too. Sounds like your baby girl is growing and what a wonderful little girl she is.

alice said...

I just have to let you know I look sooooo forward to visiting your blog. You have such a beautiful way in expressing yourself. You have a way with words that is just awesome. I love when you talk about your children. They are just darling. You are definitely doing a good job at being their mother. Keep up the good work. You will have help soon.
LVYA ALL----Auntie AL