Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away!

Sunny Florida decided to play a really bad joke this past week! It decided not to show its true colors and instead disguise itself as a HUGE MONSOON! 

My sister Nicole was due in on Monday (although I made a big oops and showed up to the airport on Sunday) and us Floridans were ready to show her the best of Jax. Mother Nature was not on our side and decided to give us a taste of straight rain for 4 days. 4 DAYS STRAIGHT! No break. Just rain, wind, and clouds! As you can probably guess, Debbie Downer made her appearance!

My sis is awesome! She made me feel like it was no biggie. I love her amazing attitude! It made me realize that just being in the moment, enjoying the company, sharing new memories, and most of just being together was what it was all about. So true! 

Thank you for sharing this past week with us Nicole. You are a beautiful sis inside and out! Miss K and Mr Landon loved and devoured the time with you! 


Megs said...

I have heard about all the wet weather in Jax- I am glad you guys had your very own sunshine this week with your sister in town:)
I am SO excited for you guys that Jared will be home SOON!:)

Jessica said...

Thank you for the wonderful comment on our blog! It is always so nice to get an encouraging word from someone back home. It really helps make being so far away a little easier.

Hope you have a lot of sunshine ahead!