Monday, July 6, 2009

So Happy Together!

Last week, we welcomed some REALLY special people to Jacksonville to celebrate Miss K and Mister Landon's birthday (pictures to come soon)!

(in order of appearance)

The Whole Clan 
(minus Auntie Evi who came in Saturday)

Miss K and Landon had no idea what to do with all this extra LOVE!

Gifts were plentiful this year (this is what happens when you bring 4 sets of grandparents in town!)

Landon and Kennedy sported some new Irish outfits from Papa Raftery

The shirt (not pictured) and kilt will definitely be a hit this Christmas! 

We enjoyed a awesome brunch at our local Whole Foods before everyone headed back home. 
Great Food and as always Great Company!

Our weekend was busy but a GOOD busy! We are truly blessed with the family God has given us...a family that values laughter, love, moments big or small, and time together. 

We love all of you so much! Thank you for everything you put into Kennedy and Landon's special day! We will have these memories for years to come!


Donna said...

Sam and Jared- What a great weekend to celebrate the birthdays and to see you all a 'quad' again.I feel quite bless as a grandmother and mom to have you all in my life. Love

Megs said...

So glad you all were able to celebrate Kennedy's and Landon's birthdays with ALL your family together!!:)

Jessica said...

Wow, quite the full house! Big family get-togethers sure make for the most special memories! I'm glad you got to enjoy some special time with your family.

Beth said...

How fun to have so many people you love to celebrate with! Hope things are going well, let's catch up soon! :)