Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It seems like yesterday that we welcomed the beautiful you into this world.
We were new parents not knowing what the years ahead would bring!
But we knew one thing for sure, we were two parents so deeply in love with you!

Your precious BLUES
Your wonderful locks 
Your gorgeous smile
Your contagious laugh 
Your curious wit
Your loving affection
ALL the things that make you the WONDERFUL you!

Miss K ~ The moment you became my daughter, I knew there was something so special so unique so amazing about you. You have a zest for life, a giving spirit, and a nurturing heart. As each day passes, I am more blessed to have the opportunity to be your mother. You are my gift from the Lord sweet girl! May this year bring you happiness, new adventures, and beautiful memories! 



Megs said...

Happy Birthday Kennedy! What a wonderful little girl you have grown up to be! Thank you for being a wonderful friend to Luke!

Luke says "Happy Birfday!' to his best bud- he misses you and hopes to see you SOON!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Kennedy! I'm sure we would hardly recognize you in your "grown up" state!! We will always have fond memories of you when you were a tiny little girl and are so glad we can watch you grow into a beautiful little laday via the blog world! Your sweetness shines through your smile! We hope your day is happy and special! Love, The Saxton Fam

Donna said...

I can hardy wait to see you tomorrow Miss K- I remember your birth and your mommie's words gave me goosebumps-I remember your dad being in awe. Slow down a little-you are growing up too fast for Nana

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Kennedy!!!

Nate said...

Sam- your kids look amazing! It was great having a couple days out here with Jared! We sure do miss you guys!