Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

There is something so amazing about spring. It brings a new found energy and makes those COLD wintry days completely worth it! Spring has arrived in DC and we have been soaking up all of these BEAUTIFUL days.

Going down...down...down
down to downtown

My well traveled Metro riders (the BEST way to travel in DC!)

Ready to dye some eggs mom?

The final producto!

Ice Cream LOVE

She's got that SPRING in her step!

Our first year experiencing the Cherry Blossoms was absolutely beautiful. The wind was blowing and it looked like it was raining flower petals...breathtaking to say the least!

This was the first Easter in three years that we had Jared home. I love... love... love being together and it was so great to see him enjoy all of our Easter festivities this year.

YIPPEE for Easter morning!

In Landon's world, there is no better toy than cars. He lives and breathes anything CARS! He couldn't be happier with the Easter Bunny this year!

We had a wonderful brunch with Papa Raftery on Easter morning

Before heading to the Anderson's for Easter dinner, we took a stroll on the Potomac. The kids adored the pier!

Here's to an amazing Easter weekend spent with family and friends!


Megs said...

you are braver than me- i just picture drew jumping onto the tracks:) it was so great to have you all over for easter- it has become a wonderful tradition!

Beth said...

Love all the photos...the metro shots are so cool!! Your kiddos look like little city people already. Does that last one qualify as the "belly shot" I've been hoping for?? :) I wanna' see that bump!! :) Miss you and yes, let's catch up soon!

ZOOM said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures, always a great treat for us in STL..everyone looks great and what a awesome experience for all of you living in DC - so much to see and making great memories..I must ride that metro when I visit next, just too much fun...also Kennedy & Landon look so happy!!! So cute to see them holding hands, keeping track of each other haha
Luv ya all...

Childress Family said...

Sam, your blog is super cute -- not at all surprised! Thanks for letting me have a peak. This will be a great way to keep in touch with you from, you know, across the street. :-)