Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Where do I start?

There is so much that takes place in a month and I thought the easiest way to play catch up on our blog would be to highlight some of our latest happenings!

up first....


my once timid little girl has been working up some major guts lately! With her main man (daddy) by her side, she has entered the arena of soccer! While at times I think ballet is still on her mind, she is enjoying the "fun" aspect of soccer and the fact that her dad is coaching is always a plus.

another quite REMARKABLE event is that Miss K is training wheel free. Last month when Auntie Evi was in town she decided to take the plunge and ride her bike like a "big girl". It may sound a bit pathetic but I was a little sad about the whole thing...crazy I know. Maybe it's the fact that she is growing before my eyes but this milestone hit me a bit hard! I'm so proud of her!

Here is a link of her very first ride:

on to the next one...


my little moo is turning the BIG 3 this weekend and it seriously seems like yesterday that we were bringing him home from the hospital! As many know, Landon has been challenged in his speech and we are still continuing down the road with therapy. Although progress is in an upward direction, at times it seems very slow but I know that we are in this season for a reason! In the last month, God has shown us tremendous favor in his life. After a trip to the ENT doctor, we discovered that Landon needed surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids. The doctor was shocked at how bad they were and is very optimistic about the long term results of the surgery (better sleep, less colds, and most importantly an increase in speech). We also found a new therapist that offers PROMPT (a speech therapy technique that is very successful with Apraxia). Through this new therapist, I found two women who share the same issues with their children. We will be starting an Apraxia playgroup in hopes of reaching the other parents struggling with the same challenges (I'm super psyched about it!!).

and last in line...

ME and my MAN

with baby numero tres on the way, we had to say goodbye to our good 'ole sedan and hello to the world of minivan! While I never quite pictured myself sporting a minivan (no offense to those die hard minivan lovers) I must say that it has been SUPER convenient! So yes, this means that I'm officially a Soccer MOM!

My mom came to visit last week for Mother's Day and we had a great week! Jared pampered us with pedicures and a beautiful brunch at the O Club. He is quite the charmer!

(sorry Beth! I know this is not that belly shot you were looking for! I swear it's coming soon! Just imagine a BIG dodge ball!)

The pregnancy is continuing to go great. It's hard to believe that I'm 7 plus months! Jared and I are beyond excited to meet our little man! The kiddos already love him to pieces....this includes a dose of belly kisses everyday!


Rebecca said...

you kiddos are so adorable!! I love seeing pics of them!! Glad you all are doing so well!

Eva Scott said...

I love keeping up with your family even though we're states away! I still miss you guys!!

Megs said...

yeah! you are back to blogging now that you are officially "school free"! that is awesome about the apraxia group- it is always nice to have support with people that are going through the same thing:)

Alison said...

Let's start off with soccer . . . Griffin's poor team could have really used Jared and his coaching skills!!
Has Landon had his surgery?? We went through adenoids a couple years ago with Griff and then he had his tonsils out in February.
Finally where's a picture of the new van and your belly?? What is your due date?? I know it has been way too long since we talked last so we really need to catch up soon. Miss you!

Lauren Smith said...

The picture of the soccer team is priceless. They all could be our future World Cup champion.
Can't believe the video. Miss K has crossed another milestone.
Darling Mother's Day picture. And yes, where's the picture of your belly?
So glad to hear Landon's good news. He IS our Little Champ!!!
Sam, congratulations on finishing school. Great job!!!