Wednesday, June 2, 2010


We've had lots of reasons to celebrate around the Raftery household lately!

Celebration #1
Miss K, or should I say our graduate, celebrated a BIG accomplishment last week. She graduated from preschool!!! Maybe it's the over emotional side of me, but as I watched her receive her diploma I got choked up. She has grown in so many ways and as she enters this new phase of life, the life of kindergartner, I can't help but be overjoyed. As we drove to her graduation, she told me that she was happy to be graduating due to "all of her hard work". This witty side of Kennedy has been something that Jared and I have grown to adore. Her humor, her take on life, and her love continue to remind me of why I am a mom. I'm proud of you sweetie!

CLASS of 2010!!

Celebration #2
In addition to Miss K's graduation, we celebrated my graduation from Columbia College. Unbeknownst to me, Jared had been planning a surprise party in Ohio to honor my accomplishment. We drove into Ohio under the assumption that Jared had an alumni event to attend on Saturday. However, Jared had been working up some major party plans instead. As Jared and I walked into my moms mill, he turned to me and said, "do you know the reason we are really here" and with that I opened the door to a room packed with family and friends! I was SHOCKED! With the help from my mom and the rest of our family, we had a wonderful weekend that I will truly treasure! It made me feel beyond special that Jared would do this to honor me! I love you babe!

A BIG thanks to all who made the long trip into Ohio...I'm blessed to have you in my life!

(pics coming soon!)

Celebration #3
We celebrated Landon's 3rd Birthday this past weekend with a great group of friends! I'm still trying to figure out how these past few years have flown by!

We Love You Mr. MOO!!!


Beth said...

Great reason to celebrate!! Congrats to Kennedy and Landon, and BIG congrats to YOU!!! I cannot imagine having finished school with two kids and all that military life entails on your're awesome Sam, WAY TO GO!!! :)

Megs said...

we loved being able to celebrate landon's bday with you all.... again- congrats on your graduation- it is quite an accomplishment!

Erin said...

Well, congrats to all three of you. What fantastic accomplishments!! I haven't been visiting blogs as much as I like to recently...but I have enjoyed "catching up" here! Wanted to say thanks for your sweet, encouraging comment on mine recently. I always love hearing from you. :) Much love to you and yours from the Balls!

ZOOM said...

CONGRATS Miss K on your FIRST graduation!!!!!!!!!!! Gpa Raftery and myself also graduated from kindergarden with white caps and growns..ask Gpa Raftery to see his picture!!! Miss K, you will LOVE IT.....hahaha