Thursday, February 10, 2011


Five years ago, Miss K met a very special boy named Luke. Five years ago, I met a woman who embodied the word "mom"! Our families crossed paths not by chance nor by accident. Kennedy and Luke started preschool together at the tender age of 15 months where a beautiful friendship was started! He is a boy full of life, full of spirit, and full of joy! 

Luke was in a life altering event that started one month ago. The diagnosis of Spinal Meningitis has proved to be a road filled with questions and uncertainty. He is battling to regain his speech along with the use of his left side which has left him in a wheelchair. This past month has been filled with many GIANTS for them but their faith and trust in God has given them peace in a very uncertain time! I am in pure awe as I read their daily blog. They are amazing parents fighting for their precious son! Please pray for Luke and their family...pray for healing, guidance, and trust! 

Jesus replied "The things which are impossible
 with men are possible with God"
Luke 18:27


Kimberly said...

Their story has me in tears. I can't even imagine. I'll be praying for them!

Megs said...

They are in my thoughts and prayers Sam- they are blessed to have you all as friends supporting them!:)

Beth said...

Every moment is precious...will definitely be praying for your sweet friends!