Thursday, February 24, 2011


This brought me to tears today...thinking of my sweet Landon. The entry comes from a fellow blogging mom who is fighting similar challenges with her daughter. 
"Watching that miracle from behind the glass mirror, I realized my truth: Rylie is NOT broken.  She is the very image of God.  God, who knows what it is to hurt.  What it is to be misunderstood.   What it is to have people define you by their fears.  What it is to love unconditionally.  Rylie is a lot of things, but she is NOT broken.
Her story does not stop at her diagnosis, and, therefore, neither does mine. 
What is Rylie for?  She is for redefining norms.  She is for healing old hurts. She is for second-chances. She is for seeing God in a tiny little body, fighting to be heard. She is a messenger.  She’s a game-changer. 
I had it all wrong.  And, I’m sure I will again. But I am certain that I would not have learned this lesson without my child.  Not so effectively.  That’s what she is for.
And I am not afraid anymore.
I am a lot of things, but I am not afraid."


KatieKate said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Sam. I am so glad to walk this journey with a new friend.

Megs said...

Very touching words- glad you have met another person to go on this journey with!