Thursday, June 2, 2011

A New Beginning

 "All glory comes 
  from daring to begin" 
~Eugene Ware

These past few weeks have been filled with doctors appointments, hospital stays, research, and most of all prayer. Landon has endured so much and he managed to keep his beautiful smile through it all. 

Our neurologist has referred us to the Johns Hopkins Ketogenic Diet Program (the top Keto program in the nation!!!) The Ketogenic Diet dates back almost 80 years ago and shows promisingly results for children like Landon where medication is not effective in controlling seizures. The diet itself, consists of high fats, adequate proteins, and low carbohydrates - each meal prepared for him will be carefully measured, weighed, and planned. Typically,children are placed on this diet for two years in hopes of becoming completely seizure free. We are very optimistic and feel like God has put this in our path for a great purpose! 

In two weeks, our journey begins. He will be admitted at Johns Hopkins for 4 days where Landon will be weaned off of his anti-seizure meds and placed on this new diet. During our stay, we will be educated and trained on how to implement this diet while Landon is carefully monitored during his transition. I'm overjoyed at the thought of Landon "off meds" and becoming seizure free! The story's I've found on other Keto kids have been awe inspiring and have given us hope - hope for Landon to enjoy this life to his FULL potential!

While these weeks have been challenging, we have been showered in endless love amongst all of our family and friends. We are BLESSED to have each one of you in our lives! Thank you for the meals, calls, encouragement, hospitality, and most of all prayers - they have been felt and God is listening...He has never left our side! 

"He alone is my rock and my salvation;
he is my fortress, I will never be shaken."
~Psalm 62:2


Todd said...


I am so glad that Landon is being "weened" off the med's, is getting the best help possible and going on to a special diet to help with the seizures. Our prayers and thoughts are with your family!

The Koehn's

Megs said...

Yeah!! Cant wait to hear more about everything, and most importantly to see Landon off medications:) Lots of love to everyone!

Beth said...

Sam...As I read this I couldn't help but think that God could not have given Landon a more perfect mother. I have always admired your passion for food (and the ability to make so many wonderful things). I have no doubt that this talent will come in handy as you embark on this new adventure in diet!! We have been and will continue to pray for your sweet little Landon, for his smile, for this transition and for the beautiful life he has ahead of him. We love you all so much and just wish we were closer. BIG HUG!!

Anonymous said...

His picture is overwhelming for me-can't wait to hug this brave little boy and his awesome parents..3 weeks..wish it was sooner

Renee said...

Sam, I am so inspired by you. Your tireless devotion and love for your family is so evident. I am praying for all of you. It sounds like this diet will be a lot of work for you (but so worth trying!). Make sure to cut yourself some slack in some areas.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam, Jen here from House of Krause. I haven't checked in in a little while. When I saw your little Landon with the head wrap it made my heart stop. Just wanted you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers. I wanted to extend support to you, as you have always been so encouraging to me!!! Luke went though a time when he was having seizures as well. As a mother it is such a scarey and devastating time... Much love your way, Jen