Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Today you are...


My sweet sweet Landon ~

You are four years old today! Where did time go? It seems like yesterday when my life was forever changed with the birth of beautiful you. 

Today you are the same amazing boy that I fell in love with the moment I knew there was a you.

Today you are determined and brave.

Today you are moving mountains around you and redefining norms. 

Today you are my son who I adore!

Today you are YOU and I couldn't be more proud to be your mama!

Happy Birthday BIG Boy!


Megs said...

Happy Birthday Landon!! It seems like yesterday I was at the hospital and meeting you for the first time! One day you will fully realize how blessed you are to have a family who loves you so very much.... have a wonderful day!

Nana said...

I will never forget when he was born-I drove you to the hospital as you were in labor and Jared was right behind-I think he stopped for Chippolte-We walked in and you semi- collapsed in the ER and in a wheelchair you went.Thought they were going to send you home but then you were in labor and there was a moment of mom-panic when your bp went low and then Landon Gregory was born Thanks for the memory little boy- Love you Nana

Renee said...

Happy (belated)birthday Landon! You are blessed to have such a great mom!

ZOOMER/TOM said...

HAPPY FOURTH BIRTHDAY LANDON!! You are so adorable.....and given the most wonderful parents a child could ever be blessed with...Love from both of us!!!