Friday, August 8, 2008

"Mommy, babies are sleeping!!!"

Today was one of those days that you prayed the kids would stay awake in the car! We had a great day celebrating Hailey's 4th birthday at the beach. The kids absolutely love the ocean so it was no surprise that they were quite exhausted when 2:00 hit (my kiddos usually take their afternoon siesta around 1:00)! Long story short....we get home after a 45 minute drive and I get the kids down for their nap by 3:00 (way to go mom!!!) After a quick tidying of the house, I sit back, relax, and start reading my Real Simple Family magazine that just came in the mail - I was super excited! Landon was up after about 45 minutes and Kennedy was up shortly after she heard us giggling together. She insisted that we had to be quiet because her babies were sleeping! I heard her white noise still going in her room (yes...we still use the white noise!) and I asked if I could peek in on her babies. She said, "Yes mommy but be very quiet.". I walked in and found this! I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story!
I thought this one was a little scary - I swear I don't put the kids down this way!

All comfy cozy!

Did you really think I was asleep?

Mommy - aren't you proud of me??!! don't touch my babies!!!

Ha...Ha...Ha...I got them!

Did I do that?

Although the naps were not the best today, there was a great story to tell!


Megs said...

uh-oh- looks like someone maybe "outgrowing" naps:) At least both Kennedy and Landon woke up in good moods:)

Lauren Smith said...

About the green pillow over Kennedy's friends eyes,
isn't this how Daddy sleeps?
Kennedy did you put their "Comfy Clothes" on before you put them down?
You are a VERY good Mommy, but even mommies take naps too! Right all you mommies out there?

Erin said...

Ha, ha, how funny! Love your captions on the photos too. Cute, cute!!
Are you guys going to be in STL around Christmas time? I'm not sure the exact dates we will be there but it'd be fun to see you all!