Sunday, August 10, 2008

Life's a beach...

This past weekend, we decided to fit in a much needed trip to the beach. There is something so amazing about the ocean - it brings peace and stillness to our busy lives! Our weeks are filled with errands, activities, and work; however, taking time to just BE with my family is what I thrive on. Jared, Kennedy, and Landon an amazing bunch of people that I love hanging out with!


B E T H said...

Looks so fun! You're one hot mama! Glad ya'll had such a great weekend!

heather said...

Hi Sam!!! Great pictures! Looks like so much fun. I so wish we lived closer to real water and not just the Miami River! Eewww. Anyways, give those kiddos a kiss for me! Tell Jared hello. We miss you guys!

Lauren Smith said...

Hi Everyone,
What a great time!
Jared what is that you and Kennedy are building in the sand? It's the look Miss K has on her little face.

"The children are Angels of God in disguise,
His sunlight still shines in their tresses,
His glory still shines in their eyes."

What a wonderful way to relax.
Love You All,
Granny Smith