Saturday, August 16, 2008


A few days back (that's a little conservative), my good friend Beth "tagged" me. If your new to the whole world of blogs, being tagged is a game where you take 10 set photos (no cleaning allowed...which got me a little frazzled) and then tag 3 friends back. This was a really fun thing to do and got me thinking about some new projects to work on - (1) my laundry room needs a little TLC where it actually makes me excited to walk in and do LOADS of clothes (2) I want our master bedroom to scream serenity and style (considering this is where I find my peaceful moments). I truly love our home and the people that occupy this space. It won't be our home for long but its been a place that gives me rest and heart of thankfulness!
1 Favorite Destination
3200 Timbertrail Ct. Home is truly where the heart is!
2 Self-Portrait
Say Cheese!

3 What the kiddos are doing???
Well...Well...Well...Kennedy is upside down
and Landon is hanging out in his pod reading a book!

4 My Closet
Not exactly as organized as I would like; however, our new IKEA hangers make the space easier on the eyes!

5 Laundry Room
See what I mean...I think it needs some COLOR!

6 Refrigerator
Hey Heather, see the fish sauce!
I added a pic of the outside of our refrigerator. It's filled with people we love, quotes that inspire, and art that the kids create!

7 Favorite Room in the House
I picked the living room because it's a place that Jared and I love to relax. There's something so special about having this space where at the end of the day it's just the two of US!

8 Bathroom Sink

9 Kitchen Sink
Cup O' Joe and Landon's bib!

10 Favorite Shoes
It's hard to pick but I settled on my brown summer platforms - they're surprisingly comfortable!


B E T H said...

Yea Sam! Your house is one of my favorite places. It always feels so peaceful and relaxing. I just wish I had the chance to hang out there! Love the always look so cool! Just seeing everything makes me miss ya'll more...

sam said...

Thanks Beth! Your house looks like so much has such beautiful taste and style! We too wish we were all day?!?!

Alison said...

Ok, I will get on it! What do you mean by "it won't be our house for long"? Do you know your next destination? I haven't talked to you in forever! We need to connect soon!

heather said...

Love the pics! I laughed when I saw the fish sauce!! Gourmet Chef.
I will get on these pics as soon as I can find a sec. I've been painting my classroom- HOT PINK! I love it; it adds a whole new feel. Maybe I'll post a pic of it when I'm all done. Those will be my projects for this weekend!