Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bumpy Pumpkin Days

This past Wednesday, Jared left for Key West for additional flight training. He'll be back on Monday (fingers crossed) and life will be "normal" again but only for a short time. As I'm writing this, I feel such a sense of sadness - my emotions are really getting the best of me tonight. I probably could go on and on but it's probably better I don't take you down my emotional roller coaster. When my little Kennedy asks, I sometimes ask myself why God has put us here. I guess that question is not for me to figure out right now. I do know one thing for sure. The feeling I have when Jared gets back from these deployments and detachments is an emotion I can't put into words! My appreciation for what he brings to our family is immeasurable. He is my love and my best friend - life just isn't the same without him. With ALL that being said, Kennedy, Landon, and I made it over to the pumpkin patch today. It was Jared's absence that stirred up all these feelings today. As I stood strong in front of the kids, I couldn't help but feel alone on a Saturday that all I wanted was my hubby. Despite my feelings today, I truly enjoyed watching Kennedy and Landon in their element. They love the freedom of running and being carefree - it's their joy that gets me through these bumpy days!
She thought this was the coolest pumpkin ever, "Take a picture mommy...take a picture!"

I managed to scout out a few "stand-by" photographers willing to take some family pics
Kennedy found the beauty in this "not so perfect" pumpkin!

Landon enjoyed finding his way through the pumpkins and keeping mommy on her toes!


Megs said...

sam- i know the times apart are never easy. it is so hard to say goodbye to your best friend, and try to put on a "brave front" for your kids. you do such a great job though- kennedy and landon are so blessed to have you as their mom- and i know when they grow up and become parents themselves they will have a new found respect for what you have done.
in many ways i am sad that i can't go on this "deployment journey" with you- but know that i am here- because i truly do understand- and in a year from now maybe we will be laughing at a starbucks in d.c. with all the craziness of this year behind us...

Beth said...

Well, I should have called. We were at the pumpkin patch today too and by the time we made it home it was almost 9:30 for you and I was afraid it might be getting a little late. I can't wait to catch up, I know life finds us each at a very "familar" place in getting ready to say goodbye again. The bumpy days are inevitable, but like you said, so are the reunions ahead! Focusing on that goal is sure to get you through...You are full of grace, and love, and light. You are a beautiful mom and wife. The proof is in the pudding, and when the going gets tough you'll do exactly what you did today, you'll go out and make lemonade out of the lemons! Much love from the opposite corner of the U.S.! Miss you...

KC Corporate said...
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Liz C. said...

Romans 8:28

I'll keep you in my prayers.

alison said...

I don't know what you are going through, with your spouse leaving, however I do understand the sadness you are feeling and dealing with the explanations, etc. I am learning about this tough journey in a different way right now. I know that God will guide us through the tough times and help us when we need Him most. I do believe that He gives us only what we can handle, I'm not sure how good I'm doing that right now, but I do believe that! Know that we will be praying for you, Jared and the kids as you embark on this time apart. Our house is always open if you ever want to come for a visit. We would love to have you. You are such special friends to us! Let's try to catch up soon!


Donna said...

I only wish I could be closer in miles to you during these times of seperation from Jared. Hopefully we will keep you busy here in the frigid north when you all visit.You and Jared are both strong and focused people/parents. That's why this does work. Not everyone can handle this kind of life-the benefits are great but these long months away have to be difficult. I am so proud of you Sam-you are the glue
Love Mommie

sam said...

Thanks for all the beautiful and uplifting comments! It's my friends and family that get me through these difficult moments!