Sunday, November 30, 2008

Goodbye my love...Goodbye my friend

Today was the day.
Today was the day I said goodbye.
 It came on a rainy fall Ohio day.
With unspoken words of sadness, each lasting moment I held close to my heart.

My heart breaks for Kennedy and Landon as they miss the joy that their daddy brings to them day to day. We'll miss the sound of his whistle saying hello after a long day. We'll miss the way he fills our days with love and laughter. Most of all, we'll miss having the person that makes this family complete.

Jared - you've captured my soul in an indescribable way. You've been that person that lifts me up when the world seems so empty. Thank you for who you are to me and our two precious children. I pray that this time passes and that you always know that your loved and cherished in this family. LOVE YOU!  


Megs said...

Hope the time flies by....
and if it doesn't (because we know it doesn't go by as quick as it needs to)....
stop on by our house- and we can at least make it fun in the mean time!
sam- you are a wonderful mom- and kennedy and landon are so blessed to have you during this time...
you are all in my thoughts!

Beth said...

Sweet Sam...I've been thought about you several times today. I didn't know exactly when you and Jared were saying your goodbye's, but I knew it was soon. I'm so sorry for the heartache that I know is inevitable as you begin this new journey of separation. I will be praying for you, Kennedy, Landon and Jared. May God hold you close, comfort you and give you perspective and strength. We love you.