Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hopping Along...

Easter has always been a favorite time of year...filled with faith, love, and family. I realized this year would mark the third Easter without my number one man - it's HARD! I so desire including him in Kennedy and Landon's excitement...their wonder...their joy...their amazement. I have to press forward though. I need to look at our future and know that these past few years are only a piece of our family puzzle. Jared is missed. He is the one I LOVE...He is the one I can't wait to wrap my arms around.  Next Easter, daddy will be here - how awesome is that!

Friday was Easter egg decorating day
Dunkin Time

Oh what shall I  make thee...

A Phone Of Course!

Saturday was our cul-de-sac eager hunters were beyond excited!

Circle of Friends

Sunday morning my bright eyed beauty was READY...

and Mister Moo was well on his way

Easter Basket discoveries...

full of delight and sweet surprises.

In route to the Anderson's, sporting her new "oh so savvy" shades

Mr. Luke and Kennedy dying Easter eggs

Who can resist Drew Bug???


Our attempt at a family pic - hard to come by these days!

Great Friends!

This Easter was great! 
Thank you Megs and Ben for a wonderful dinner! 
Thank you Kennedy and Landon for brighting each and every day of my life!


Kimberly said...

The kids looked like they had a blast! I know it's hard to celebrate special days like this without your main man, but you keep such a positive outlook about it. Imagine the fun next year when he IS home! : )

Megs said...

We had a wonderful time with you all!:) Next year will be so special with Jared there with you guys watching the kids hunt for eggs. I know it is focusing on that during the holidays that they are gone that gets us through....
6 more weeks!

Beth said...

Hey Sam...looks like so much Easter fun! Proud of you, oh, and you look BEAUTIFUL! :)