Friday, April 24, 2009

Dear Diary

This week has been one of those weeks! 

We said goodbye to my sister Meaghan on Tuesday after a 3 month was hard to say the least. She has been my extra set of hands, mind, and spirit. We had an amazing time that I will cherish forever! I love you Meg!

With that being said, I've been playing catch up in every aspect of life. You know it's bad when your out of whole milk, skim milk, waffles, bananas, etc, etc, etc.  I've realized through this deployment that there's times where I just have to let go...let go of the pile of unopened mail, let go of pleasing everyone one, let go of cooking meals that entail 10 plus ingredients, and most of all letting go of perfection. I've always been the one that reads into everything. My life is always full of WHY'S! I went to write an email today to a certain someone that I felt has hurt me (I won't go into names but if your reading this it's not you!) As I sobbed over why this person is in my opinion intentionally hurting me, I just couldn't hit send. Whatever the reason, I couldn't do it. Learning to forgive without expecting anything in return is a HARD concept but it's what I needed to do in the moment!

SORRY, This is definitely a Dear Diary post! 

Which leads me to why I haven't felt the urge to blog this week. While we've had great moments with friends and family, my mind was to full of STUFF

Here's an eclectic mix of pics from this week. 

She melts my heart!

We went to an air show over the weekend and the kids loved exploring the helicopter

Dinner at Megs on Thursday was many memories we've shared over the past few years! Here's Landon and Drew showing off there tums!

Today was the Little Foxes monthly playdate. We explored an amazing (shaded) park in Switzerland, FL. Great fun and company! 

Love this pic of Drew Bug! He's a doll!

Bye Bye for now

"We cannot change the past, but we can change our attitude toward it. Uproot guilt and plant forgiveness. Tear out arrogance and seed humility. Exchange love for hate - thereby, making the present comfortable and the future promising." ~ Maya Angelou


Megs said...

Way to give up on trying to do it all Sam.... but it's funny that you think you have been letting things go- when I have seen you with Landon and Kennedy this week and the past 5 months- it seems like you have been doing so much for them with all the fun trips, activities etc. Don't be too hard on yourself.
I know it also hard to wonder why someone would intentionally be so hurtful, but what a wonderful act you did NOT to go down to that level and let hate consume you too.
Life is TOO SHORT!

Beth said...

I love the first pic of Kennedy, she is so beautiful! Landon is looking like such a little man and I'm so happy to see all the pics of y'all out and about enjoying the sunshine! :) Such a fine line between trying to stay busy (especially when the guy's are away) and becoming overwhelmed...YaY for you and just letting some "stuff" go! Take care of yourself and those adorable kiddos! I'm so sorry it sounds like things have been rough...hang in there, let's have phone call catch up soon! :)

Sam said...

Thanks for your friendship guys! Sometimes writing about challenges starts the process of letting go. I read a few chapters in "She's about to Blow" and wouldn't you know the chapter I turned to was on letting go! Pretty really spoke to me!

Lauren Smith said...

Samantha you are guileless. Thanks for sharing you heart. Through it all, you minister to all of us all around the world. It always feels good to regroup.
I speak on behalf of everyone, I'm sure, that logs in to your blog, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for sending us update info and pictures of you and the children. Really, there isn't a day goes by I don't check it. YOU are EVERYTHING to us. LOVE YOU SAMANTHA:)

Anonymous said...

I miss you all so much! Thank you for having me there. I have not been this close to you in awhile and it was a blessing. Spending time with Kennedy and Landon is something I will always cherish and hold dear in my heart. I love you guys :) Hope to see you all in Chicago...

Michael "Boy Band" Winters said...

I just found this and thought it might cheer you up since we know how much Jared loves Chipotle. Check out It has a lot of recipes that might be fun to try for when he comes home. Deployment is almost done just hang in there a little longer.

Sam said...

Thanks for the awesome site! Jared will eat it up!