Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My SIS Eryn

My sister Eryn came in this past week and we had a blast! She is full of life, spunk, and love! It was amazing watching her with the kiddos and how she is able to "adapt" to our crazy busy lifestyle! Thanks for a beautiful week sis and taking time to visit our home!

Canvas LOVE!!!


Beach LOVE!!!
Kennedy and Eryn built an awesome sand castle made out of shells (where was my camera on this one...OOPS!)

Landon loves running free these days...he's always on a mission (away from moms camera)

Thanks for a great week Auntie filled our hearts with your presence. 


Beth said...

Sisters are the best...hands down! So glad you got to have some quality time with yours, they make the world brighter thats for sure!! :

Megs said...

Love all the pictures of the kids:)
Glad you were able to spend time with your sisters... it is always a special time.
see you all on Easter!