Monday, June 15, 2009


As you can probably tell from my lack of blogging, we've been going going going ever since Jared got home! It's been awesome to have my second half back...he's quite the guy! 

As the title may have you in anticipation (maybe/maybe not)... we have officially put our house up for rent. This past week has been BUSY with a huge capital B! It may seem like a 1,2,3 deal - take pictures and list your house. But that's oh so not the case. The market is a bit rough right now so we wanted to make sure our house was in tip top shape. I also believe that if you have things in order and looking beautiful you set the bar high and demand tenants that respect and love your property - again maybe/maybe not! 

We still don't have orders; however, Jared is interviewing for a position in DC next week. If all goes well, we could be moving quite quickly so we are doing our best to be prepared. My heart is a bit uneasy as our days in Jax are numbered. I'm trying to focus on the brighter side but I can't help to think of all the memories our home has blessed us with! This home will forever have a special place in my heart as it was the first home Jared and I purchased and the home were both Kennedy and Landon spent their first years. 

Here is the link to our listing!


alison said...

I have been waiting in anticipation for a post from you! I'm so glad that Jared is home and that you are doing well and obviously keeping busy! I can't believe that you could be moving, but I understand as well. At least then you would be a little closer to us! I know that God has a plan and he will bestow many blessings upon you wherever he leads you. Please let us know how the interview goes and the house just looks gorgeous!!!


Megs said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed will be "neighbors" in the same city once again:)
Take deep breathes... and if you need to vent- please call me. I know this time is exciting but stressful all at the same time!

Beth said...

It looks awesome Sam!!! I love everything, Kennedy's room is so cool (is that little orange stool the one I used to have ;)?? It is a peaceful family home for sure and someone is going to snatch it up!! Can't wait to hear all about the new adventure ahead! :)

Sam said...

Thanks for the encouraging words ladies! It was weird taking a lot of my "stuff" out to make the most of my space but it all worked out in the end! Beth - yes that stool is the one I inherited from you! I love it!!!! It works so well in Miss K's room.

Erin said...

I actually read this post with tears in my eyes as this is all so fresh in my mind. I understand everything about this post. What a huge chapter in your life. Such an exciting time, yet so emotional. I remember talking to you at the end of my driveway as I was packing and you stole my coffee pot! It was very hard for us to leave as we drove around our neighborhood one last time and said good bye to everything that was a huge part of our life. I cried, (okay sobbed) Sam was uneasy, Brad holding back tears, Matthew throwing his snack all over the van as we drove from house to house, park to park, pool to pool and said good bye on a cool chilly rainy night. Hang in there and you can call me anytime!
Hugs and love to you all :) the coffee pot making your move?

Anonymous said...

"Be brave , be strong for thy Lord Thy God is with you."