Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Dad Day!

 Why we love our Daddy so...

 because I love you
you take us to Panera
 you give us new shoes
you give us the famous "iron-claw", body slam, and "I'm gonna eat those pork chops"
you take us swimming
and you give us the BEST hugs!

Jared - I love the way you love our children! I am blessed beyond words to have you as the father of our Kennedy and Landon. Their eyes light up when you walk in the room...their feet jump the moment they hear your voice...their laughs fill a room when you love them so! Happy Fathers Day to the man that fills my world and heart!

Dad - You were the first man that showed me what a father looked like. A man of unconditional love, strength, compassion, wisdom, character, truth, dignity, laughter, and support. You are an amazing dad and I want you to know that your example made me realize all that I deserved in a husband and future father. I LOVE YOU! 


Anonymous said...

A beautiful tribute to the men you love.
Happy Father's Day Jared and Gary.