Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy-O!

You are a gift to us Jared! You have an amazing way about you. The way Kennedy and Landon run to you and the way that you make me feel as your wife is something I'm so blessed to be a part of. Thank you for being a husband that covers his family with strength, stability, laughter, and most of all love. There are days that I'm in awe of the way you pursue your dreams and how you have an unwavering commitment to both your country and your family. I love you sweetie and I'm blessed to call you my husband! Happy Birthday!


Megs said...

Happy Birthday Jared!:) When Chipotle opens we will buy you a birthday burrito!

B E T H said...

Happy Birthday Jared! We so glad to know you! :)

Jennifer R. said...

Hey girlfriend, I knew Jared and I had some kind of connection...we share a birthday!! So I hope Jared had a wonderful, I know mine was wonderful! When are you coming to visit again??? Love ya, miss ya, bye!