Thursday, September 18, 2008

Red Light Green Light and a Kennedy Classic!

Miss K really (emphasize really) enjoys riding her bike! Landon has found a great way to keep up with the BIG kids with a little game of RED light GREEN light. It's actually quite amusing and I had to catch a few shots of their game. Here's how it goes....Landon grabs the back of the bike and Kennedy says green light. She starts peddling fast...faster...then a little faster than my comfort level. With a quick halt she says red light. Next are the sounds of Landon's irresistible belly laugh (contagious I might add!). This goes on and on until one or the other gets worn out or when Landon's knees have had enough. This was just a small part of my day that brought a smile and a sense of being a child seems we all need those days once in awhile! here is the Kennedy Classic! One of Kennedy's favorite things to do these days is pick up Max's poop with dad (yeah a little gross to say the least). She gets her gloves on and marches to the back yard with this sense of DUTY. She goes around searching for the mines and gets super excited when she spots a new one. This was her right after she walked in from her poop call - I'll let the rest speak for itself!


Megs said...

Lol- i think we found our next chore for Luke! That is too funny!

Anonymous said...

Please have pity on my girlfriend about her "chores" at the house....Poop on that ZOOM