Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our weekend getaway!

Some people love surprises, others don't, and then there are those like me that fall in between. Jared has been planning a surprise weekend getaway for our 5th wedding anniversary for over a month and I've been extremely antsy! Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that he has been planning something special but I just couldn't take the fact of not knowing! So Jared met me in the middle. Each night for a week, I received clues. It actually became quite the event - I loved it! My mom flew in on Thursday to watch the kids over the weekend (thanks again mom!) and we were set to leave Friday morning. The day was finally here and we were off to one of my favorite places - DC! DC is awesome! It's a place mixed with culture, diversity, history, and beauty. We checked in at the Crown Plaza in downtown DC (thank you Greg for a wonderful anniversary gift!). We spent the rest of the afternoon getting pampered at an eclectic spa in the Georgetown district. This area is really neat - cobblestone streets, unique eateries and shops, and an array of entertainment. We had dinner at a local restaurant called Mei n Yu. The cuisine was a blend of Middle-Eastern, Thai, and African - we had a fabolus dinner! Saturday was spent looking at different neighborhoods and getting a feel for the area. We have a chance of relocating here and it was a great chance to explore! That evening we went to dinner at a place called Lima which was a blend of Cuban and South American foods - our dinner was outstanding and the mojitos were an added bonus. We finished our night at a comedy show featuring Jamie Kennedy who is one of our favorite comedians. Sunday morning, we headed down to Pax River which is about an hour southeast of DC. It was a beautiful drive filled with windy country roads and local produce stands. The best way to describe southern Maryland is peaceful. There is a stillness about this place that Jared and I loved! We did some exploring in Pax as well and found some great areas. Solomons Island, connected by a bridge, is a quaint fishing town filled with shops and restaurants. We had dinner at The Pier where you actually eat on the pier - it was a gorgeous evening. Before we knew it, Monday was here and it was the end of a beautiful weekend. We made one last stop in Old Town Alexandria before our flight where the streets are lined with local shops and the hustle and bustle of DC is forgotten - this was my favorite area! We had an amazing three days celebrating a marriage that I treasure!

Our dinner at Mei N Yu - beautiful decor!

Our hotel was in the heart of DC

Breakfast at Au Bon Pain

Solomons Island

This room was in a model home - I loved the idea of the mirrors on the wall.

Shout out to Honda!

Enjoying my morning Starbucks

This is a typical street in DC - filled with trees and people.

Yes - we made it into Chipolte while we were in Pax River. This is an added bonus if we move there!

Jared - Thank you for a wonderful weekend. My surprise was worth the anticipation and I love that you made our days so special!


Alison Koehn said...

Looks like great fun! If you need more info about DC, let me know because my aunt and uncle live off of Capitol Hill,(they used to lived in Gaithersburg, MD). We are celebrating our 5 year a little early. Todd has a trip to Phoenix for work next week and I am going along. We thought it would be a great way to celebrate a little and just be together when we can. Hard to believe 5 years ago we were all getting married - now look where we all are. Any news on the moving front?

B E T H said...

Sam this looks so fun! I'm so happy that ya'll got to spend some time together just the two of romantic and relaxing! DC looks so cool, I can definitely see ya'll living there! Keep us posted! :)

Megs said...

I am so glad you guys were able to get away for a weekend and just be a couple:)

Yachs@Home said...

What an example your marriage is and the love you two share. You must have felt like a princess on your romantic getaway, congratulations to you both!

Erin said...

What a awesome story you get to cherish forever! Congratulations on 5 years. You are so blessed!
Now, can Jared share his romantic gestures with my darling husband????